The Implementation of Shoe Partner Strategy Toward Achievement in Reading Comprehension Text at Eleventh of SMK



A. The Background of Study

    Reading as process of simultaneously extracting and constructing meaning where the reader have to capabilities, knowledge, and experience to comprehend the texts which include the purpose, process, and consequence of reading. 

  In Educational unit oriented curriculum (KTSP) it expected the students must be able to comprehend the meaning of the text in form of narrative, recount, descriptive, spoof, etc in the context of daily life. In addition, The students’ have to master reading comprehension in order to enable them to get success in learning reading process. The students’ achievement in comprehending the text determine the success of the learning, If the students don’t understand about the text in a test, they will difficulties to fulfill same test. 

    But in fact, based on the observation on PPL at SMK that many students’ cannot comprehend the text well. Besides they did not understand the meaning of the text, it made them difficulties to answer the question. In addition they had lack of vocabulary so that made them confuse to comprehend the passage well. They had low motivation in reading activity because the students had low capability in English so that the result was not good.

    Many strategies can be used by English teacher in reading teaching especially in narrative text. There are Jigsaw, KWL, T-Party, Poop corn Read, Round Robin, Shoe Partner, etc. In this study the researcher only focus on one strategy, namely shoe partner. Shoe partner is a strategy to pair up students or participants in a random manner. Shoe partner is fun, interactive strategy that is non-threatening and engaging for all students. It works like this: Each asked is individual to look around the room and find an individual who is wearing shoes similar their own. For example participants may match by color, style, boot, hells, flats, etc. One participant finds their shoe partners them then share or exchanged around a particular concept or question. This strategy provides opportunity for physical movement and standing conversations. 

   From phenomena above, so the researcher interested in the title “The Strategy of Shoe Partner Strategy Toward Students’ Achievement in Reading Comprehension at SMK ”. 

B. The Identification of the Study 

    Based on the background of study, the problems were identified as follows:

1. The students were not able comprehend text well

2. The students had lack of vocabulary in reading English texts 

3. The students had low motivation in reading English texts

C. The Formulation of the Study

    Based on the identification of study, the problems were formulated as follows: 

1. Does Shoe Partner improve students’ skill in reading comprehension?

2. How are students’ activities in learning process taught by Shoe Partner strategy?

D. The Objectives of the Study

    Based on the formulation of problem, the aimed of this study of follows: 

1. To describe improvement the students’ skill in reading comprehension

2. To describe the students’ activities in learning process by Shoe Partner strategy. Klik to Download



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