The Importance of Incidental Vocabulary

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      Based on Reynolds (2015: 491) state incidental learning allows students to acquire a great deal of language while focused on the meaning in communicative language teaching and content based instruction. On the other hand, most of the incidental vocabulary acquisition research has investigated what learners can do on their own to increase the chance of incidental acquisition without considering the beneficial effect just-in-time instruction could have on incidental vocabulary acquisition. Klik to Download Filenya

     According to Teng (2016: 3) the context in which learners encounter words plays a significant role in their word learning . The words that are encountered in a rich and clear context with relevant cues to the word meanings are more likely to be learned. The surroundings of a word carry a great deal of pertinent information, and should enable learners to gain in-depth vocabulary knowledge. Opaque, deceptive and unclear contexts, on the other hand, might cause learners to ignore words or infer an incorrect meaning. Therefore, unless context is taken into account, it may be difficult to assess incidental vocabulary learning accurately. Klik to Download Filenya

    In addition Barcroft (2009: 86) the important benefit of learning new words from context have been widely acknowledged, however. The context of spoken discourse or reading can provide learners with access to the variety of properties of what it means to know a word, including morphological, syntactic, collocation, sociolinguistic, and pragmatic properties. Word properties such as these may be more difficult to acquire during intentional vocabulary learning if words are presented in more restricted contexts. Klik to Download Filenya

       As a conclusion in the importance of Incidental vocabulary the researcher points out that the Incidental vocabulary have more benefit in teaching reading there are make the students know about many variety of materials, more restricted context and allow the students to focus to the content of the materials

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