A. Background of the Study

     Teaching English in our country has been developed extensively because English is an international language in the world. Therefore, Indonesian government has brought it as a local since at the elementary school. In teaching English vocabulary as an element or language is considered as the most important factor in increasing the mastered if the students are still lacking of vocabulary. Vocabulary is a part of language learning that need continuing growth and development by both native and non native speakers long after grammar and pronunciation elementary school until senior high Scholl. In language teaching preparation program in our country, more and attention being given to improve some technique for teaching vocabulary.

   Learning vocabulary as a foreign language seems easy but some students feel fear. The teacher of English should find out solution by crating efficient and effective technique of teaching in teaching English vocabulary, besides that, the teachers should establish condition which makes teaching vocabulary possible. The learning will occur within reasonable period of time.

  Realizing how important the vocabulary and how difficult students to build up the teachers of English have provided students with rich exciting exercise which are expected to help vocabulary mush be very helpful to improve the students’ ability in English communication. Allen (1997:149) says that vocabulary is very important in a language, when we learn a language like English; we learn the words of language. Students must continue to learn words as they learn structure as they practice the target language. The vocabulary is needed very to master the four skills in English. Through vocabulary, we convey our ideas, emotion, and efficiently. Without mastering it, people will not be able to use English effectively. In all language teaching, students must continually learn vocabulary as they learn structure (Allen 1997:149).

     In fact, students’ mastery of English vocabulary is still lack. The students are also difficult to deliver their ideas because of their limitation of vocabulary. On the other hand, some students don’t have self-confidence speaking using that vocabulary. As consequence, students will be difficult to communicate to each other or share their opinion. So that, they should always improve their of vocabulary.

      Vocabulary not easy thing to do, we must be optimistic that can. Teacher has to make an effort to build their students’ vocabulary since students will have more opportunity to identify the words during the teaching and learning process. The outside the first few thousand most common words, vocabulary learning occurs incidentally, where the learner infers unknown words from context. This kind of incidental vocabulary learning can be pedagogically efficient  in that it enables two activities at once: vocabulary acquisition and reading.

   In the study by Meier (2013: 74) However, some second language acquisition (SLA) the efficiency of incidental vocabulary learning through reading, citing several limitations. First, in order for incidental vocabulary acquisition to occur through reading, learners must be able to infer the meanings of unknown words in context. Hence, learners must know most of the surrounding words in a text.  Another limitation of incidental vocabulary acquisition through reading is that it assumes learners attend to all unknown words in a text. The learners do not always bother with guessing unknown words. If a text is rich in information and learners can understand the meaning without the unknown words, learners often will ignore the unknown words Thus, reading for meaning will not automatically lead to acquisition of vocabulary. Learners must notice and put attention towards finding the meaning of unknown words in order for learning to occur.

    Based on the explanation above the researcher interesting to indintify the incidental vocabulary acquisition through reading is that it assumes learners attend to all unknown words in a text, so the researcher will conducted the research about Incidental vocabulary acquisition and reading under the title “Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition through Reading in Second Language at the seventh grade students’ of SMPN 2 Loa Janan”.

B. Problem of the Study

    Related to the background above, the writer formulates a research questions as follows:

  1. What is the effect of using reading to the students’ incidental vocabulary acquisition in the second language at the seventh grade students’ of SMPN 2 Loa Janan?
  2. Does reading can improve the students score in learning vocabulary in the second language at the seventh grade students’ of SMPN 2 Loa Janan?

C. Purpose of the Study

  Based on the explanation above in background and problem of the study the researcher formulated the objective of the research as follows:

  1. To find out the effectively of reading in increase the students’ incidental vocabulary acquisition at the second language?
  2. To find out the  improvement of using reading in learning incidental vocabulary acquisition at the second language?

D. Hypothesis

    The hypothesis of this research is formulated as follows:

Alternative Hypothesis (H1)

Teaching incidental vocabulary acqusition through reading can improve the students’ Vocabulary mastery at the seventh grade students’ of SMPN 2 Loa Janan

Null Hypothesis (H0)

Teaching incidental vocabulary acquisition through reading can not improve the students’ Vocabulary mastery at the seventh grade students’ of SMPN 2 Loa Janan

E. Scope and Limitation of the Study 

      This research limited on the students’ achievement in learning incidental vocabulary acquisition by using reading to second language students. The scope of this study is restricted to extent in using of reading that can enrich the students’ vocabulary especially to nouns (words formation) and verb (words formation).so that, the students have capability in English.

F. Significance of the Study

    This research will be expected to be useful information for many people in learning process, such as: 

  1. For the teachers, this research is expected to give positive results in teaching learning vocabulary.
  2. For the students, this research is expected to increase the students’ vocabulary.
  3. For the researcher, this research is expected to the other researchers who want to conduct more complex research especially in this research.

G. Definition of key terms


       Vocabulary is one of the most obvious components of language and one  of  first  things  applied  linguistic  turned  their  attention  to  (Richard, 2001:4) 

Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition

    Zhao & Guo (2012: 2) state that Incidental vocabulary acquisition is efficient but it usually lacks the communicative context in which a word is used, making it hard for learners to acquire a rich sense of the word and  as a by-product of any activity not explicitly geared to lexical learning.


     Cline, F., Johnstone, C., & King, T. (2006:2) point out the Reading is decoding and understanding written text. Decoding requires translating the symbols of writing systems into the spoken words they represent. Understanding is determined by the purposes for reading, the context, the nature of the text, and the readers’ strategies and knowledge.




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