Narrative Text The Story of Timun Mas with 10 multiple choices test dan key answer

The Story of Timun Mas

          Once upon a time, in a quaint village nestled amidst lush greenery, lived a kind-hearted couple longing for a child. Their prayers were answered when they found a peculiar large cucumber in their garden. To their astonishment, the cucumber transformed into a beautiful baby girl they named Timun Mas, which means "Golden Cucumber" in their language. As Timun Mas grew, her beauty and kindness radiated, making her the pride of the village.

          However, their idyllic life took a sinister turn when a wicked ogre named Tumang discovered Timun Mas's extraordinary beauty. Determined to make her his meal, Tumang relentlessly pursued her. In desperation, Timun Mas's parents sought the help of a wise old woman, who gave them a magical plan to save their daughter. Following the old woman's advice, Timun Mas's parents crafted a special plan to escape from Tumang.

          In the dead of night, Timun Mas bravely embarked on her perilous journey, armed with only her wit and the magical items bestowed upon her by the old woman. Along the way, she encountered various obstacles, including a river of crocodiles and a vast forest filled with wild animals. Through courage and cleverness, Timun Mas managed to overcome each challenge, outsmarting Tumang at every turn.

          Finally, Timun Mas reached the edge of the forest, where she confronted Tumang for the last time. With quick thinking, she tossed the magical cucumber into Tumang's path, distracting him long enough for her to escape. As Tumang greedily devoured the cucumber, he transformed into a giant cucumber himself. With Tumang defeated and the village safe once more, Timun Mas returned home, hailed as a heroine for her bravery and cunning.

Multiple Choice Test:

1. What was the name of the village where Timun Mas lived?

a) Golden Valley

b) Lush Haven

c) Timun Mas Village

d) Quaintville

2. What did Timun Mas's parents find in their garden?

a) A baby girl

b) A golden cucumber

c) A magical plan

d) A wicked ogre

3. Who was the villain in the story?

a) Timun Mas

b) Tumang

c) Timun Mas's parents

d) The wise old woman

4. How did Timun Mas escape from Tumang?

a) She fought him bravely

b) She outsmarted him with a magical plan

c) She surrendered to him

d) She called for help from the villagers

5. What did Timun Mas throw to distract Tumang?

a) A magic wand

b) A bag of gold

c) A giant cucumber

d) A basket of fruits

6. What did Tumang transform into after eating the cucumber?

a) A baby girl

b) A wise old woman

c) A golden cucumber

d) A giant cucumber

7. How did Timun Mas overcome the river of crocodiles?

a) She swam across

b) She built a bridge

c) She rode on the back of a friendly crocodile

d) She flew over using a magic carpet

8. What did the old woman give Timun Mas's parents to save her?

a) A magical cucumber

b) A magical plan

c) A map to escape

d) A magical sword

9. What was Timun Mas hailed as at the end of the story?

a) A villain

b) A heroine

c) A wizard

d) A princess

10. What trait helped Timun Mas overcome the challenges she faced?

a) Bravery and cleverness

b) Wealth and power

c) Beauty and charm

d) Strength and agility

Answer Key:

  1. d) Quaintville
  2. b) A golden cucumber
  3. b) Tumang
  4. b) She outsmarted him with a magical plan
  5. c) A giant cucumber
  6. d) A giant cucumber
  7. c) She rode on the back of a friendly crocodile
  8. b) A magical plan
  9. b) A heroine
  10. a) Bravery and cleverness

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