Narrative Text The Story of Jaka Tingkir with 10 multiple choices test and key answer

The Legend of Jaka Tingkir

Long ago, in the kingdom of Pajajaran, there lived a wise and courageous young man named Jaka Tingkir. He was known for his intelligence and bravery, traits that would soon be put to the test. One day, a neighboring kingdom threatened to invade Pajajaran, sending waves of fear throughout the land. Determined to protect his people, Jaka Tingkir volunteered to lead the defense against the invaders.

With his sharp mind and strategic skills, Jaka Tingkir devised a brilliant plan to outsmart the enemy. He rallied the villagers and trained them in combat, turning farmers and merchants into formidable warriors. As the enemy army approached, Jaka Tingkir led his troops into battle, employing clever tactics to outmaneuver and defeat the invaders. His courage and leadership inspired his fellow soldiers, and together they emerged victorious, driving the enemy forces back and securing peace for their kingdom.

In the aftermath of the battle, Jaka Tingkir was hailed as a hero, praised for his bravery and ingenuity. His name became synonymous with courage and resilience, and his story was passed down through generations as a testament to the power of determination and resourcefulness in the face of adversity.

Multiple Choice Test:

1. What kingdom did Jaka Tingkir live in?

a) Pajajaran

b) Majapahit

c) Mataram

d) Srivijaya

2. What qualities was Jaka Tingkir known for?

a) Strength and speed

b) Intelligence and bravery

c) Wealth and generosity

d) Kindness and compassion

3. What threatened the kingdom of Pajajaran?

a) Famine

b) Floods

c) Invasion

d) Disease

4. How did Jaka Tingkir respond to the threat?

a) He fled the kingdom

b) He surrendered to the enemy

c) He volunteered to lead the defense

d) He sought help from neighboring kingdoms

5. What did Jaka Tingkir do to prepare for battle?

a) He prayed for divine intervention

b) He recruited mercenaries

c) He trained the villagers in combat

d) He built a fortress

6. What did Jaka Tingkir use to defeat the invaders?

a) Magic spells

b) Advanced weaponry

c) Clever tactics

d) Diplomatic negotiations

7. How did Jaka Tingkir's leadership affect the outcome of the battle?

a) It caused chaos and confusion

b) It inspired his troops to victory

c) It led to defeat and surrender

d) It had no impact

8. What did Jaka Tingkir become after the battle?

a) A hermit

b) A merchant

c) A hero

d) A king

9. What did Jaka Tingkir's story teach future generations?

a) The importance of humility

b) The value of teamwork

c) The dangers of greed

d) The power of determination

10. What word best describes Jaka Tingkir's character?

a) Cowardly

b) Selfish

c) Wise

d) Lazy

Key Answer:

  1. a) Pajajaran
  2. b) Intelligence and bravery
  3. c) Invasion
  4. c) He volunteered to lead the defense
  5. c) He trained the villagers in combat
  6. c) Clever tactics
  7. b) It inspired his troops to victory
  8. c) A hero
  9. d) The power of determination
  10. c) Wise

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