Narrative Text about Kancil and the Farmer" (Kancil dan Petani) in 4 paragraph with 10 essay test and then key answers

Kancil and the Farmer (Kancil dan Petani)

Once upon a time in a lush forest, there lived a cunning and resourceful mouse deer named Kancil. Kancil was known far and wide for his intelligence and quick thinking. One day, as he was wandering through the forest, he stumbled upon a farmer's field filled with ripe, juicy cucumbers. Being a lover of cucumbers, Kancil couldn't resist the temptation and decided to help himself to a few.

The farmer, who had been watching his field from a distance, was furious when he saw Kancil feasting on his cucumbers. He rushed towards Kancil, but the nimble creature was already darting away into the forest. Determined to catch Kancil and teach him a lesson, the farmer devised a plan.

The next day, the farmer placed a basket full of cucumbers near the edge of the field and hid himself, waiting for Kancil to return. Sure enough, Kancil appeared and approached the basket cautiously. Sensing danger, Kancil devised a plan of his own. Instead of directly approaching the basket, he pushed it with his nose, causing it to tip over and spill all the cucumbers onto the ground.

The farmer, seeing his plan foiled, emerged from his hiding spot and chased after Kancil once again. But the clever mouse deer was already far ahead, disappearing into the safety of the forest. From that day on, the farmer learned to admire Kancil's wit and cunning, and he never underestimated the small creature again.

Essay Test:

  1. Who is the main character of the story?
  2. What did Kancil find in the farmer's field?
  3. How did the farmer feel when he saw Kancil eating his cucumbers?
  4. What did the farmer do to catch Kancil?
  5. How did Kancil outsmart the farmer's trap?
  6. What trait of Kancil helped him escape from the farmer's wrath?
  7. How did the farmer react when his plan failed?
  8. What lesson did the farmer learn from his encounter with Kancil?
  9. Why did Kancil love cucumbers?
  10. What made Kancil a beloved character in the forest?

Key Answers:

  1. Kancil
  2. Ripe, juicy cucumbers
  3. Furious
  4. He devised a plan and hid himself.
  5. Kancil pushed the basket with his nose, causing it to spill all the cucumbers.
  6. Intelligence and quick thinking
  7. He was frustrated but learned to admire Kancil's wit.
  8. He learned not to underestimate small creatures and to appreciate intelligence.
  9. Kancil loved cucumbers for their taste.
  10. His intelligence, wit, and resourcefulness made him beloved in the forest.

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