Narrative Text about "Buto Ijo" (The Green Giant) with 10 multiples choices test and then key answers

 "Buto Ijo" (The Green Giant)

Once upon a time, nestled deep within the lush Indonesian forests, there lived a mysterious creature known as "Buto Ijo," or the Green Giant. Standing tall amidst the towering trees, Buto Ijo was said to possess immense strength and a heart as green as the forest itself. Legends whispered tales of his benevolence towards those who respected nature and his wrath towards those who dared to harm it.

Buto Ijo's legend spread far and wide, captivating the imaginations of villagers and travelers alike. Many ventured into the forest in search of him, drawn by stories of his magical powers and wisdom. However, few ever returned, for the forest was vast and treacherous, filled with hidden perils and enchantments that only the Green Giant could navigate safely.

One fateful day, a brave young hunter named Adi set out on a quest to find Buto Ijo. Guided by tales passed down through generations, he trekked deeper into the heart of the forest, facing challenges and obstacles at every turn. Along the way, he encountered creatures both wondrous and fearsome, testing his courage and resolve.

After days of journeying through the dense foliage, Adi finally stumbled upon a clearing where the majestic figure of Buto Ijo stood, cloaked in emerald hues. With trembling hands, Adi presented an offering of gratitude to the Green Giant, expressing reverence for the natural world and pledging to protect it for future generations. Moved by the hunter's sincerity, Buto Ijo bestowed upon him the gift of wisdom, guiding him on a path of harmony and stewardship.

Multiple Choices Test:

1. What is the name of the mysterious creature in the Indonesian forest?

A) Buto Ijo

B) Green Goblin

C) Forest Guardian

D) Emerald Entity

2. What color is the heart of Buto Ijo said to be?

A) Red

B) Blue

C) Green

D) Yellow

3. What draws many people into the forest in search of Buto Ijo?

A) Stories of his treasure

B) Tales of his wisdom

C) Legends of his magical powers

D) All of the above

4. What is Adi's profession?

A) Farmer

B) Hunter

C) Carpenter

D) Fisherman

5. What gift does Buto Ijo bestow upon Adi?

A) Super strength

B) Invisibility cloak

C) Gift of wisdom

D) Flying carpet

6. Where does Adi find Buto Ijo?

A) In a cave

B) In a castle

C) In a clearing

D) Under a waterfall

7. What emotion does Adi feel when he encounters Buto Ijo?

A) Fear

B) Joy

C) Anger

D) Sadness

8. What does Adi offer to Buto Ijo?

A) A sword

B) A ring

C) An offering of gratitude

D) A map

9. What is the main theme of the story?

A) Love conquers all

B) Greed leads to destruction

C) Respect for nature

D) Power corrupts

10. What lesson does Buto Ijo teach Adi?

A) The importance of friendship

B) The value of courage

C) The need for humility

D) The significance of wisdom

Key Answers:

  1. A) Buto Ijo
  2. C) Green
  3. D) All of the above
  4. B) Hunter
  5. C) Gift of wisdom
  6. C) In a clearing
  7. B) Joy
  8. C) An offering of gratitude
  9. C) Respect for nature
  10. D) The significance of wisdom

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