Narrative Text about "The Legend of Watu Gede" followed by 10 multiple choices test questions and their key answers

The Legend of Watu Gede

Long ago, nestled in the heart of a lush forest, there stood a magnificent stone known as Watu Gede. According to local legend, Watu Gede was believed to be the dwelling place of a powerful spirit that guarded the forest and its inhabitants. It was said that anyone who dared to disturb the peace of the forest would incur the wrath of the spirit residing within the stone. Thus, the villagers living nearby held Watu Gede in great reverence, offering prayers and gifts to appease the spirit and ensure their safety.

One day, a group of reckless travelers ventured into the forest, ignorant of the sacredness of Watu Gede. As they passed by the stone, they laughed and mocked the villagers' beliefs, dismissing the idea of a vengeful spirit dwelling within. In their arrogance, they began to deface the stone, carving their names into its surface and hurling insults at the unseen spirit. Unbeknownst to them, their actions had awakened the dormant power of Watu Gede.

As night fell, a fierce storm swept through the forest, unleashing torrents of rain and howling winds. Terrified, the travelers sought refuge beneath the towering trees, but their efforts were in vain. Suddenly, a thunderous voice echoed through the forest, emanating from the very depths of Watu Gede. "You have defiled my sanctuary and disrespected the sacredness of this land," the voice boomed, filled with righteous fury. With a deafening roar, Watu Gede split apart, sending shards of stone flying in all directions. In an instant, the travelers were struck down, their screams drowned out by the raging tempest. From that day forth, the legend of Watu Gede served as a cautionary tale, reminding all who dared to trespass in the forest of the consequences of their actions.

Multiple Choice Test Questions:

1. Where was Watu Gede located?

a) In the heart of a desert

b) In the heart of a lush forest

c) In the center of a village

d) In a mountain cave

Key answer: b) In the heart of a lush forest

2. What did the villagers believe about Watu Gede?

a) It was an ordinary stone.

b) It housed a powerful spirit.

c) It was a place for picnics.

d) It was a tourist attraction.

Key answer: b) It housed a powerful spirit.

3. How did the travelers treat Watu Gede?

a) With reverence and respect

b) By offering prayers and gifts

c) With laughter and mockery

d) By seeking refuge beneath it

Key answer: c) With laughter and mockery

4. What happened when the travelers defaced Watu Gede?

a) They were rewarded with riches.

b) They were struck down by lightning.

c) The stone collapsed.

d) Nothing happened.

Key answer: b) They were struck down by lightning.

5. What was the consequence of the travelers' actions?

a) They became friends with the spirit.

b) They were forgiven by the villagers.

c) They were struck down by the spirit.

d) They received a warning from the spirit.

Key answer: c) They were struck down by the spirit.

6. What did the travelers seek when the storm began?

a) Shelter beneath the trees

b) Refuge in a nearby village

c) Protection from the spirit

d) Forgiveness from the villagers

Key answer: a) Shelter beneath the trees

7. What did Watu Gede do when the travelers defied the spirit?

a) It vanished into thin air.

b) It remained silent.

c) It split apart.

d) It offered them gifts.

Key answer: c) It split apart.

8. What did the voice from Watu Gede accuse the travelers of?

a) Disrespecting the villagers

b) Defiling the sanctuary

c) Trespassing in the forest

d) Praising the spirit

Key answer: b) Defiling the sanctuary

9. How did the travelers respond to the voice from Watu Gede?

a) They apologized and left.

b) They begged for mercy.

c) They laughed even harder.

d) They prayed for forgiveness.

Key answer: c) They laughed even harder.

10. What did the legend of Watu Gede serve as?

a) A guide for travelers

b) A tourist attraction

c) A cautionary tale

d) A source of entertainment

Key answer: c) A cautionary tale

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