Narrative Text about The Legend of Irawan with 10 multiples choices test and key answers

The Legend of Irawan

In the heart of the dense jungle of Borneo, there existed a legend shrouded in mystery and enchantment—the legend of Irawan. Irawan was said to be the son of the mighty jungle spirits, born with unparalleled strength and wisdom. From a young age, he roamed the lush forests, befriending the animals and learning the ancient ways of the land.

One day, a great evil descended upon the jungle in the form of a fearsome dragon, terrorizing the inhabitants and laying waste to everything in its path. The desperate cries of the forest echoed through the trees, reaching the ears of Irawan. Determined to protect his home, he embarked on a perilous journey to confront the dragon and rid the jungle of its tyranny.

Armed with his courage and aided by the spirits of the forest, Irawan ventured deep into the dragon's lair, where a fierce battle ensued. The ground trembled, and the air crackled with magic as Irawan faced the monstrous creature with unwavering resolve. With a mighty roar, he plunged his enchanted blade into the heart of the dragon, vanquishing the evil that had plagued the land.

The jungle rejoiced as Irawan emerged victorious, hailed as a hero and protector of the realm. From that day forth, his legend lived on, inspiring future generations to stand up against darkness and defend the beauty and harmony of the natural world.

Multiple Choice Test:

1. Where is the legend of Irawan set?

a) Amazon Rainforest

b) Borneo

c) Sahara Desert

d) Himalayan Mountains

Answer: b) Borneo

2. What is Irawan's special ability?

a) Flight

b) Unparalleled strength and wisdom

c) Invisibility

d) Shape-shifting

Answer: b) Unparalleled strength and wisdom

3. What threatens the jungle in the legend?

a) Tornado

b) Flood

c) Fearsome dragon

d) Earthquake

Answer: c) Fearsome dragon

4. Who aids Irawan in his quest to defeat the dragon?

a) Other humans

b) Jungle spirits

c) Evil creatures

d) None

Answer: b) Jungle spirits

5. Where does Irawan confront the dragon?

a) In a cave

b) At the top of a mountain

c) Underwater

d) In a village

Answer: a) In a cave

6. What does Irawan use to defeat the dragon?

a) Magic potion

b) Enchanted blade

c) Thunderstorm

d) None of the above

Answer: b) Enchanted blade

7. How is Irawan hailed after defeating the dragon?

a) As a villain

b) As a hero

c) As a dragon

d) As a coward

Answer: b) As a hero

8. What does Irawan's victory inspire?

a) Fear

b) Laziness

c) Future generations to defend the natural world

d) None of the above

Answer: c) Future generations to defend the natural world

9. Who are Irawan's companions in the jungle?

a) Robots

b) Animals

c) Aliens

d) Ghosts

Answer: b) Animals

10. What does the jungle do after Irawan's victory?

a) Cry

b) Rejoice

c) Fall silent

d) Disappear

Answer: b) Rejoice

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