Narrative Text about Kancil and the Farmer" (Kancil dan Petani) with 10 multiples choices test and key answers

Kancil and the Farmer (Kancil dan Petani)

Once upon a time, in a lush green forest, lived a clever mouse deer named Kancil. Kancil was known throughout the forest for his intelligence and cunning. One day, while roaming around the forest, Kancil stumbled upon a farm filled with ripe vegetables and fruits. The farm belonged to a hardworking farmer who took great pride in his crops.

Seeing the abundance of delicious produce, Kancil couldn't resist the temptation and decided to help himself to a feast. However, the farmer, who had been keeping a close eye on his farm, spotted Kancil and quickly gave chase. Kancil, being swift and agile, managed to evade the farmer's grasp with ease.

Undeterred, the farmer devised a clever plan to catch Kancil. He set up traps all around the farm, hoping to outsmart the mischievous mouse deer. But Kancil, being the cunning creature he was, saw through the farmer's plan and devised a counter-strategy.

In the end, Kancil outwitted the farmer and continued to enjoy his feasts from the farm whenever he pleased, leaving the farmer scratching his head in disbelief.

Multiple Choices Test:

1. What is the name of the clever mouse deer in the story?

a) Rabbit

b) Kancil

c) Lion

d) Tiger

Key Answer: b) Kancil

2. What did Kancil find in the forest?

a) Fish

b) Fruits and vegetables

c) Rocks

d) Flowers

Key Answer: b) Fruits and vegetables

3. Who owned the farm filled with produce?

a) Lazy farmer

b) Clever rabbit

c) Hardworking farmer

d) Greedy lion

Key Answer: c) Hardworking farmer

4. What did the farmer do when he saw Kancil in his farm?

a) Ignored him

b) Invited him for dinner

c) Gave chase

d) Gave him a gift

Key Answer: c) Gave chase

5. How did Kancil evade the farmer's grasp?

a) By hiding in a cave

b) By flying away

c) By being swift and agile

d) By fighting the farmer

Key Answer: c) By being swift and agile

6. What did the farmer do to catch Kancil?

a) Set up traps

b) Offered him food

c) Ignored him

d) Asked for help from other animals

Key Answer: a) Set up traps

7. Did the farmer's plan succeed in catching Kancil?

a) Yes

b) No

Key Answer: b) No

8. How did Kancil respond to the farmer's traps?

a) Fell into them

b) Ignored them

c) Saw through them

d) Ate the bait

Key Answer: c) Saw through them

9. What emotion did the farmer feel in the end?

a) Happiness

b) Sadness

c) Anger

d) Confusion

Key Answer: d) Confusion

10. Who was ultimately victorious in the story?

a) The farmer

b) Kancil

c) Both

d) Neither

Key Answer: b) Kancil

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