Narrative Text about The Story of Dewi Kunti with 10 multiple choices test and key answers

The Story of Dewi Kunti

Once upon a time, in the ancient land of Java, there lived a beautiful princess named Dewi Kunti. She was known far and wide for her unmatched grace and intelligence. Born to King Prabu Wasu, Dewi Kunti's life took a dramatic turn when her father lost a gambling bet to the cunning sage, Resi Semar. As a result, Dewi Kunti was sent to live in the forest with Semar and his sons, the Pandawa brothers, who were unaware of their royal lineage.

Living in the forest, Dewi Kunti embraced her new life with resilience and kindness. She became an integral part of the Pandawa household, caring for her foster family with unwavering love and devotion. Despite facing numerous challenges and obstacles, Dewi Kunti remained steadfast in her faith and determination.

As fate would have it, Dewi Kunti's true identity was revealed when her father, King Prabu Wasu, sought her out during his quest to find the rightful heir to the throne. With her royal heritage acknowledged, Dewi Kunti returned to the kingdom, where she reunited with her family and assumed her rightful place as princess.

In the end, Dewi Kunti's story serves as a testament to the power of resilience, love, and the enduring strength of the human spirit.

Multiple Choices Test:

1. Where did Dewi Kunti live with her foster family?

a) Palace

b) Forest

c) Village

d) Mountain

2. What was the name of the sage who won Dewi Kunti in a gambling bet?

a) King Prabu Wasu

b) Resi Semar

c) Pandawa

d) Dewi Kunti

3. Who were the sons of Resi Semar?

a) Kunti's brothers

b) Pandawa brothers

c) King's guards

d) Forest animals

4. What qualities was Dewi Kunti known for?

a) Intelligence and grace

b) Bravery and strength

c) Cunning and deceit

d) Wealth and power

5. How did Dewi Kunti react to living in the forest?

a) With anger and resentment

b) With love and devotion

c) With fear and hesitation

d) With sadness and despair

6. Who revealed Dewi Kunti's true identity?

a) King Prabu Wasu

b) Resi Semar

c) Pandawa brothers

d) Dewi Kunti herself

7. What was Dewi Kunti's father's name?

a) Prabu Wasu

b) Resi Semar

c) Pandawa

d) Dewi Kunti

8. What did Dewi Kunti become after returning to the kingdom?

a) Queen

b) Servant

c) Warrior

d) Dancer

9. What message does Dewi Kunti's story convey?

a) The importance of greed

b) The power of love and resilience

c) The inevitability of fate

d) The significance of wealth and power

10. Who did Dewi Kunti reunite with upon returning to the kingdom?

a) Her foster family

b) The forest animals

c) Resi Semar

d) Her royal guards

Key Answers:

  1. b) Forest
  2. b) Resi Semar
  3. b) Pandawa brothers
  4. a) Intelligence and grace
  5. b) With love and devotion
  6. a) King Prabu Wasu
  7. a) Prabu Wasu
  8. a) Queen
  9. b) The power of love and resilience
  10. a) Her foster family

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