The Story of I La Galigo: Narrative Text with 10 multiple choices test and then key answers

The Story of I La Galigo

In the mystical world of ancient Indonesia, the epic tale of "I La Galigo" unfolds, blending myth, legend, and history into a rich tapestry of storytelling. At its heart lies the journey of Sawerigading, a legendary hero born to the gods and destined for greatness. The narrative begins with the creation of the universe by Batara Guru, the supreme god, and his daughter, the Earth goddess. Sawerigading, born from a magical flower, embarks on a quest to fulfill his destiny, facing trials, tribulations, and encounters with gods, demons, and mythical creatures along the way.

As Sawerigading matures, he encounters love, betrayal, and ultimately finds himself at the center of a cosmic struggle between good and evil. With the help of his loyal companions, including his sister, We Tenriabeng, and his friend, Me Nasse, Sawerigading navigates treacherous landscapes, battles fierce foes, and seeks enlightenment. The epic culminates in a dramatic showdown between Sawerigading and his nemesis, the demon prince, We Nyili Pidara. In a final act of sacrifice, Sawerigading transcends mortality, ascending to become a divine being and ensuring peace and prosperity for his people.

Test Questions:

1. Who is the supreme god in "I La Galigo"?

a) Batara Guru

b) Sawerigading

c) We Nyili Pidara

d) Me Nasse

2. How is Sawerigading born?

a) From a magical flower

b) From the Earth goddess

c) From a dragon's egg

d) From a lightning strike

3. Who are Sawerigading's loyal companions?

a) We Tenriabeng and Me Nasse

b) Batara Guru and We Nyili Pidara

c) Sawerigading and We Nyili Pidara

d) We Tenriabeng and We Nyili Pidara

4. What is the central struggle in "I La Galigo"?

a) Love and betrayal

b) Good versus evil

c) Power and greed

d) Survival in the wilderness

5. Who is Sawerigading's ultimate nemesis?

a) Batara Guru

b) We Tenriabeng

c) Me Nasse

d) We Nyili Pidara

6. How does the epic conclude for Sawerigading?

a) He becomes mortal

b) He is banished

c) He ascends to divinity

d) He is cursed forever

7. What does Sawerigading seek throughout his journey?

a) Revenge

b) Enlightenment

c) Wealth

d) Fame

8. What role does We Tenriabeng play in Sawerigading's journey?

a) Love interest

b) Sister and companion

c) Fierce enemy

d) Mentor and guide

9. Who aids Sawerigading in his battles?

a) Gods and demons

b) Only his loyal companions

c) Mythical creatures

d) All of the above

10. What is the ultimate outcome of Sawerigading's sacrifice?

a) Destruction of the world

b) Ascension to divinity

c) Defeat of We Tenriabeng

d) Loss of his powers

Key Answers:

  1. a) Batara Guru
  2. a) From a magical flower
  3. a) We Tenriabeng and Me Nasse
  4. b) Good versus evil
  5. d) We Nyili Pidara
  6. c) He ascends to divinity
  7. b) Enlightenment
  8. b) Sister and companion
  9. d) All of the above
  10. b) Ascension to divinity

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