Narrative Text about The Legend of Malin Deman with 10 multiple choices test and key answers

The Legend of Malin Deman

Long ago, nestled in the misty mountains of a land far away, there lived a powerful sorcerer named Malin Deman. Legends whispered of his mastery over the elements and his ability to shape reality itself. Some revered him as a wise guardian, while others feared him as a harbinger of chaos.

One fateful day, a great calamity befell the kingdom. A monstrous dragon, awakened from its slumber, ravaged the countryside, leaving destruction in its wake. The people cried out for a hero to save them from impending doom.

In their darkest hour, Malin Deman emerged from his seclusion. With a solemn determination, he confronted the dragon, wielding his ancient staff and invoking spells long forgotten by mortals. A mighty battle ensued, shaking the very foundations of the earth.

As the dust settled and the echoes of magic faded, the dragon lay defeated at Malin Deman's feet. The people rejoiced, hailing him as their savior and protector. From that day forth, the legend of Malin Deman grew, his name spoken with reverence and awe throughout the land.

Multiple Choice Test:

1. What was the name of the sorcerer in the legend?

a) Merlin

b) Malin Deman

c) Gandalf

d) Albus Dumbledore

2. Where did Malin Deman live?

a) In a castle by the sea

b) In the misty mountains

c) In a bustling city

d) In a dense forest

3. What did people think of Malin Deman?

a) They feared him

b) They revered him

c) They ignored him

d) They despised him

4. What disaster befell the kingdom?

a) A plague

b) A volcanic eruption

c) A dragon attack

d) A famine

5. What did Malin Deman use to confront the dragon?

a) His sword

b) His wit

c) His ancient staff

d) His charm

6. How did people react when Malin Deman emerged to confront the dragon?

a) They laughed at him

b) They ignored him

c) They were relieved

d) They were terrified

7. What happened to the dragon after the battle?

a) It flew away

b) It surrendered

c) It was defeated

d) It became friends with Malin Deman

8. How did the people feel about Malin Deman after the battle?

a) They hated him

b) They ignored him

c) They revered him

d) They forgot about him

9. What grew after the battle?

a) The dragon's power

b) Malin Deman's legend

c) The kingdom's riches

d) The kingdom's troubles

10. What did people do after the battle?

a) They celebrated

b) They mourned

c) They fled

d) They slept

Key Answers:

  1. b) Malin Deman
  2. b) In the misty mountains
  3. b) They revered him
  4. c) A dragon attack
  5. c) His ancient staff
  6. c) They were relieved
  7. c) It was defeated
  8. c) They revered him
  9. b) Malin Deman's legend
  10. a) They celebrated

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