Narrative Text about The Origin of Mount Bromo with 10 test and then key answers

The Legend of Mount Bromo

Long ago, in the land of Java, there lived a powerful and benevolent giant named Brahma. Brahma was deeply loved by the people of Java, who looked to him for protection and guidance. However, Brahma was also deeply lonely, as he had no companion to share his days with. One day, Brahma decided to create a companion for himself. He molded a beautiful woman out of sand and named her Rara Anteng. As Brahma breathed life into his creation, he felt a sense of joy and companionship that he had never experienced before.

Brahma and Rara Anteng lived happily together, exploring the lush forests and fertile valleys of Java. But their happiness was short-lived, as jealousy reared its ugly head. One of Brahma's rivals, the demon prince Joko Seger, became envious of Brahma's happiness and sought to destroy it. In a fit of rage, Joko Seger kidnapped Rara Anteng and hid her away in a far-off cave.

Heartbroken and filled with despair, Brahma searched tirelessly for his beloved companion. He roamed the land for days and nights, crying out her name in anguish. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Brahma stumbled upon the cave where Rara Anteng was being held captive. With all his might, Brahma fought against the demon prince and rescued his beloved Rara Anteng.

But the battle had taken its toll on the land. The earth trembled and shook with fury, and from the depths of the earth, a mighty volcano erupted, spewing fire and ash into the sky. The volcano came to be known as Mount Bromo, named after Brahma, the giant who had sacrificed everything for love.


1. Who was the powerful giant in the story?

a) Joko Seger

b) Brahma

c) Rara Anteng

d) Java

2. What did Brahma create out of sand?

a) A mountain

b) A valley

c) A woman

d) A demon prince

3. Who kidnapped Rara Anteng?

a) Brahma

b) A giant

c) Joko Seger

d) The people of Java

4. How did Brahma find Rara Anteng?

a) He searched for days and nights

b) She came back on her own

c) He asked for help from the people of Java

d) He used magic

5. What happened to the land after Brahma rescued Rara Anteng?

a) It became fertile

b) A volcano erupted

c) Nothing changed

d) It became barren

6. What was the name of the volcano that erupted?

a) Mount Bromo

b) Mount Java

c) Mount Giant

d) Mount Fury

7. Why was the volcano named Mount Bromo?

a) It was named after a flower

b) It was named after Brahma

c) It was named after Rara Anteng

d) It was named after Java

8. What was the cause of the eruption?

a) A war between giants

b) A natural disaster

c) Brahma's anger

d) Joko Seger's jealousy

9. What did Brahma sacrifice for love?

a) His power

b) His kingdom

c) Everything

d) Nothing

10. What lesson can be learned from the story?

a) Love conquers all

b) Jealousy leads to destruction

c) Giants are powerful beings

d) Mountains are sacred places

Key answers:

  1. b) Brahma
  2. c) A woman
  3. c) Joko Seger
  4. a) He searched for days and nights
  5. b) A volcano erupted
  6. a) Mount Bromo
  7. b) It was named after Brahma
  8. d) Joko Seger's jealousy
  9. c) Everything
  10. b) Jealousy leads to destruction

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