Narrative Text about The The Story of Kelingking Beach with 10 multiples choices test and key answer

The Story of Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Beach, situated on the island of Nusa Penida in Indonesia, boasts stunning cliffs and crystal-clear waters. Legend has it that centuries ago, a powerful king ruled over the island. He was known for his generosity and wisdom, but he had a daughter named Kelingking who was as beautiful as she was cunning. Kelingking had many suitors, but she rejected them all, much to her father's dismay.

One day, a humble fisherman arrived at the shores of Nusa Penida. Despite his modest appearance, he possessed a kind heart and unwavering determination. When Kelingking met him, she was captivated by his sincerity and decided to marry him. However, her father disapproved of their union, fearing that the fisherman was not worthy of his daughter's hand.

In a fit of rage, the king ordered his soldiers to separate the couple. As they attempted to flee, Kelingking and the fisherman found themselves trapped at the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea. With nowhere else to turn, they prayed to the gods for help. Moved by their love, the gods created a staircase of stone leading down to the beach below, allowing them to escape.

In the end, Kelingking and the fisherman found sanctuary on the beach, where they lived out their days in peace. To this day, the staircase carved into the cliffs serves as a reminder of their enduring love and the power of devotion.

Multiple Choice Test:

1. Where is Kelingking Beach located?

a) Bali

b) Java

c) Nusa Penida

d) Lombok

Answer: c) Nusa Penida

2. What was the king's daughter's name?

a) Kelingking

b) Nusa

c) Penida

d) Bali

Answer: a) Kelingking

3. What impressed Kelingking about the fisherman?

a) His wealth

b) His appearance

c) His sincerity

d) His intelligence

Answer: c) His sincerity

4. Why did the king disapprove of the fisherman?

a) He was not from Nusa Penida

b) He was not wealthy

c) He was not handsome

d) He was not strong

Answer: b) He was not wealthy

5. What did the gods create to help Kelingking and the fisherman escape?

a) A boat

b) A bridge

c) A staircase

d) A cave

Answer: c) A staircase

6. What emotion did the king feel towards the fisherman?

a) Fear

b) Happiness

c) Approval

d) Disapproval

Answer: d) Disapproval

7. How did Kelingking and the fisherman escape from the king's soldiers?

a) They fought them off

b) They hid in a cave

c) They prayed for help

d) They surrendered

Answer: c) They prayed for help

8. What was the king known for?

a) His cruelty

b) His generosity and wisdom

c) His wealth

d) His beauty

Answer: b) His generosity and wisdom

9. What served as a reminder of Kelingking and the fisherman's love?

a) A temple

b) A statue

c) A staircase

d) A painting

Answer: c) A staircase

10. Where did Kelingking and the fisherman find sanctuary?

a) In a palace

b) In a cave

c) On the beach

d) In a temple

Answer: c) On the beach

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