Narrative Text about The Adventures of Kancil and the Tiger with 10 essay test and key answers

The Adventures of Kancil and the Tiger

Once upon a time, deep in the heart of the jungle, lived a clever little creature named Kancil. Kancil was known far and wide for his wit and intelligence. One day, as he was frolicking through the forest, he encountered a fierce tiger blocking his path. The tiger, with a hungry gleam in his eye, demanded that Kancil surrender himself for dinner.

Kancil, quick on his feet, replied, "Oh mighty tiger, before you feast on me, could you please demonstrate your strength by jumping over that deep ravine?" The tiger, eager to display his prowess, readily agreed. As the tiger leaped, Kancil swiftly darted out of harm's way, leaving the tiger to plummet into the ravine below.

In the next encounter, the tiger, nursing his wounded pride, confronted Kancil once more. This time, Kancil proposed a challenge of wits. "Let us see who can climb to the top of the tallest tree," suggested Kancil. The tiger, confident in his abilities, accepted the challenge. However, Kancil had planned ahead and had already loosened the branches of the tree. While the tiger struggled to ascend, Kancil effortlessly reached the top, outsmarting the tiger once again.

Despite his repeated failures, the tiger refused to give up his pursuit of Kancil. However, each time he attempted to catch the clever creature, he found himself outwitted and humiliated. Eventually, the tiger realized that he could never outsmart Kancil and begrudgingly accepted defeat. From that day on, the tiger learned to respect the intelligence of Kancil and left him in peace to roam the jungle as he pleased.

Essay Test Questions:

  1. Who are the main characters in the story?
  2. What is Kancil known for in the jungle?
  3. How does Kancil outsmart the tiger in the first encounter?
  4. Describe the challenge Kancil proposes to the tiger in the second encounter.
  5. What realization does the tiger come to at the end of the story?
  6. Why does the tiger agree to Kancil's challenges?
  7. What lesson can be learned from the story?
  8. How does Kancil use the tiger's strength against him?
  9. How does Kancil demonstrate his intelligence throughout the story?
  10. Why does the tiger eventually accept defeat?

Key Answers:

  1. The main characters are Kancil and the tiger.
  2. Kancil is known for his wit and intelligence.
  3. Kancil outsmarts the tiger by tricking him into jumping over a ravine.
  4. Kancil challenges the tiger to a climbing contest up the tallest tree.
  5. The tiger realizes that he can never outsmart Kancil and learns to respect his intelligence.
  6. The tiger agrees to Kancil's challenges to prove his strength and skill.
  7. The lesson is that intelligence can overcome brute strength.
  8. Kancil uses the tiger's strength against him by tricking him into situations where his strength is useless.
  9. Kancil demonstrates his intelligence by devising clever plans to outwit the tiger.
  10. The tiger eventually accepts defeat because he realizes he can never catch Kancil through brute force alone.

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