The Legend of Watu Gede Narrative Text with 10 essay test and key answer

The Legend of Watu Gede

Long ago, in a small village nestled between towering mountains, there lived a kind-hearted young man named Adi. Adi was known for his bravery and his unwavering dedication to his people. One day, the village was plagued by a terrible drought, and the crops withered under the scorching sun. Desperate for a solution, the villagers turned to Adi for help. Determined to save his village, Adi set out on a journey to find the legendary Watu Gede, a mystical stone said to possess the power to bring rain.

After days of traveling through dense forests and treacherous terrain, Adi finally reached the sacred cave where Watu Gede was said to reside. Inside, he encountered a wise old sage who guarded the stone. The sage challenged Adi to prove his worthiness by passing a series of tests. With determination and courage, Adi faced each challenge head-on, demonstrating his selflessness, compassion, and humility.

Impressed by Adi's noble qualities, the sage entrusted him with Watu Gede. As Adi carried the stone back to his village, dark clouds gathered overhead, and rain began to fall, quenching the parched earth. The villagers rejoiced as their fields flourished once again, and they hailed Adi as their hero.

From that day on, Watu Gede remained a symbol of hope and resilience for the people of the village, a reminder of the power of kindness and the importance of helping others in times of need.

Essay Test Questions:

  1. Describe the protagonist of the story, Adi, and his qualities.
  2. What was the problem faced by the village, and how did they seek a solution?
  3. Explain the significance of Watu Gede in the narrative.
  4. Discuss the challenges Adi encountered on his journey to find Watu Gede.
  5. How did Adi demonstrate his worthiness to the sage?
  6. Analyze the role of the sage in the story and his relationship with Adi.
  7. Describe the climax of the story and its resolution.
  8. What lessons can be learned from the legend of Watu Gede?
  9. How does the setting contribute to the atmosphere of the story?
  10. Reflect on the theme of perseverance as portrayed in the narrative.

Key Answers:

  1. Adi is portrayed as a kind-hearted and brave young man dedicated to helping his people.
  2. The village faced a drought, and they sought a solution by turning to Adi and searching for the legendary Watu Gede.
  3. Watu Gede is a mystical stone believed to possess the power to bring rain and is the solution to the village's drought.
  4. Adi encountered challenges such as traveling through dense forests and passing tests set by the sage guarding Watu Gede.
  5. Adi demonstrated his worthiness through acts of selflessness, compassion, and humility during the challenges set by the sage.
  6. The sage serves as the guardian of Watu Gede and challenges Adi to prove his worthiness, ultimately entrusting him with the stone.
  7. The climax occurs when Adi receives Watu Gede and rain begins to fall, resolving the village's drought problem.
  8. Lessons include the power of kindness, resilience, and the importance of helping others in times of need.
  9. The setting of the small village nestled between towering mountains contributes to the story's atmosphere of mystique and adventure.
  10. The theme of perseverance is evident in Adi's determination to overcome challenges and help his village despite obstacles.

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