Improving the Students’Vocabulary Through Boggle Game at the second grade students of MAN




A. Background

   English  teaching  involves  four  language  skills,  they  are  listening, speaking,  reading  and  writing. In dealing with the four language skill,  there  are  four aspects that support them, namely grammar, vocabulary, spelling and  pronunciation  that  are  also  teach  in  English  teaching  and  learning  process. From the four aspect above vocabulary is considered as the most important factor in mastering English. 

     Vocabulary is very important because a word is a tool to think about the meaning of the words. It is more of a grammar because it is the key to communicating with others. Knowing more words gives the mind more tools to plan or think of something. Vocabulary is an essential component learned in language learning, without grammar very little can be conveyed, without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed.  The  most  important  point  of  the  statement  above  is  that  mastering vocabulary  for  students  is  the  main  component  in  order  to  learn  a  language successfully. 

   Learning vocabulary as a foreign language seems easy but some students feel fear because the students do not have high motivation and less attractive in learning English vocabulary, so that they have difficulties in  understanding or comprehending the meanings of unfamiliar words and memorizing new words. The teacher of English should find out solution by creating efficient and effective technique of teaching vocabulary. Beside that, the teachers should establish condition which makes teaching vocabulary possible.

    Based on the result of observation in PPL at the second grade students of MAN 1 . The researcher found that the students have problems in mastering the vocabulary items they learned, the students’ mastery of vocabulary is poor such as on describing the meaning and the students were lazy to memorize all the unfamiliar words related the lack of motivation for the students and less attractive in teaching and learning process, In resarcher’s opinion, the use of game especially Boggle Game will at least solve this problem.

     Realizing to the vocabulary problem above one of better way and easier to teach English, especially vocabulary to students is by using  games, León & Celis (2010: 15) stated that games and fun activities have always been one of every-body’sfavoritethings to doing a class, both for teachers and students, because  the game  could  be  an  alternative or variation  in  the methods of  English  teaching  for teachers.With  game, students will  not  feel  bored  in  learning  English.But the students will become critical and active in learning English and also the use of game is stimulate the students such as Boggle Game. 

     Boggle Game is a word game that attracts students' interest and motivation in vocabulary, playing using four out of four diced boxes. The purpose of the game is to enter words that are spelled out by the dice otherwise on the grid. The minimum length of words is three characters, with longer words, more points, up to eight characters (even longer words do not give many points)

    Based on the explanation above the researcher is interested to conduct a research entitled “Improving the Students’Vocabulary Through Boggle Game at the second grade students of MAN ”.

B. Problem Statement

  Related to the explanation of background above, the researcher will explore a research questionis as follows :

  “Can Boggle Game improve the students’ vocabulary mastery at the second grade students of MAN?”

C. The Objective of the Research

    Based on the problem statement above, the researcher of the research is “To find out whether Boggle Game improve the students’ vocabulary mastery at the second grade of MAN”.

D. The Significance of the Research

      The significance of the research can be viewed from both theoretical and practical aspect. Theoretically, the result this research is expected to be able to widen the skill of teachers in using Boggle game in order to improve students’ vocabulary skill. It can be also used as reference for those who want to conduct a research in teaching English. Practically, for the teacher is to provide another choice for teaching vocabulary in the class.

E. The Scope of the Research

  This research is limited to the improvement of the students vocabulary mastery on by using Boggle Gameto at the second grade students’ vocabulary of MAN, this research is restricted to extent in using of Boggle Gamethat can enrich the students’ vocabulary. The researcher focuses on the students’ vocabulary mastery which focusing the students find out the new words then understand the words meaning, spelling, pronunciation, and  how to use the words in paragraph. In addition, the researcher will teach noun, verb and adjective.




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