Short Story as a Media

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       Murcia  (2001:461) defines short story as media, a short story  are tools  or physical things used  by the teacher to motivate the students  by  bringing  a  slice  of  real  life  into  the  classroom  and  by  presenting  language  in  its  more  complete communication complex. In this case one of tools  or physical things as a media in teaching and learning process is short story. Klik to Download Filenya

       Harmer (2001: 134) states “Media or teaching aids is used by language teachers to explain language meaning and construction, engage students in topic or as the basis of whole activity.”Short story as considered, as interesting media for the students has been familiar with them. However, teacher should use many kinds of media besides short story changeably to vary the teaching-learning situation. Klik to Download Filenya

      Gerlach  and Elly (1980: 254-255), to select  appropriate media, the teacher must  consider the characteristics of the students, which directly related to  the learning process such as verbal abilities, visual and audio perception skills, experience, intelligence, motivation, personality, and social skills. Other factors which teacher also ought to consider in media selection  come from the instructional system model, that is the organization of groups, the time available and the space in which media will be used. Klik to Download Filenya

   Short story motivate students to improve their interest in reading since they will find out that English reading materials are not always complicated, boring, monotonous,  and discussing uninteresting matters only. It is expected that students will find out that they can learn English through many sources that they like. By using short stories as teaching media, hopefully, the students will improve their reading comprehension, which finally will help them to master English well. Klik to Download Filenya



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