Function of Vocabulary

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   Based on Mukoroli (2011: (2) technically vocabulary is words or phrases that are primarily used in a specific line of work or profession. For example, an electrician needs to know technical words such as capacitor and surge capacity, words that people outside that industry never use. Academic vocabulary on the other hand is the vocabulary critical to understanding the concepts of the content taught in schools. Klik to Download Filenya

      Blintz (2011: 45) Learning vocabulary is fundamentally about learning definition of words. Many teachers believe that defining words before reading a text is an effective instructional, vocabulary learning is a continual process of encountering new words in meaningful and comprehensible contexts. In short, throughout the life span, people develop vocabulary effectively and almost effortlessly as long as they see words in meaningful contexts. Klik to Download Filenya

      Ferreira (2007; 11) The  knowledge  of  word  meanings  and  the  ability  to  access  that  knowledge  efficiently  are recognized as important factors in reading and listening comprehension, speaking and writing fluency. Thus, vocabulary knowledge helps students with language comprehension.  Vocabulary knowledge is the heart of a language comprehension and use.  Comprehend a text successfully students need to have sufficient word knowledge.  This  is  to  say  that  the comprehension  of  a  language  depends  on  the  amount  of  words  that  are  known  in  that language. Klik to Download Filenya

      Pikulski and Templeton (2004: 6) gives explanation for one reason teachers are concerned about teaching vocabulary is to facilitate the comprehension of a text that students will be assigned to read.  If students do not know the meaning of many of the words that they will encounter in a text, their comprehension of that selection is likely to be compromised.  When the purpose of vocabulary instruction is to facilitate the comprehension of a selection, it is obvious that this instruction must take place as an introduction before the reading of the selection. Klik to Download Filenya

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