Aspect of Pronunciation

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     Yates (2002) point out the a broad definition of pronunciation includes both suprasegmental and segmental features. Although these different aspects of pronunciation are treated in isolation here, it is important to remember that they all work in combination when we speak, and are therefore usually best learned as an integral part  of spoken language. The aspect of pronunciation as follows:

Suprasegmental Features

  • Consonant

    Consonants are made by causing a blockage or par-tial blockage in the mouth, and these are usually described in terms: where the sound is made in the mouth, or place of articulation, how the sound is made, or the manner of articu-lation and whether or not the vocal cords vibrate, or voicing. Klik to Download Filenya

  • Vowel

      Vowels are usually described in terms of: length, although remember that length depends on stress, and that even short vowels in English may seem rather long when stressed; the position in the mouth in which they are made (in terms of their position from high to low and front to back) and the degree to which the lips are rounded, spreador neutral. Klik to Download Filenya

Segmental Features

  • Stress

     Stress refers to the prominence given to certain syllables within words, and to certain syllables or words within utterances. It is signalled by volume, force, pitch change and syllable length, and is often the place where we notice hand movements and other gestures when we are watching someone talking. Klik to Download Filenya

  • Intonation 

    Intonation, or change of pitch, is crucial in signalling speaker meaning, particularly interpersonal atti-tudes. As we saw in the previous section, pitch changes are crucially linked with stress. Since into-nation patterns are language-specific, learners will need to acquire new ones for English in order to avoid inappropriate transfer from their first language, and thus perhaps inadvertently causing offence. Klik to Download Filenya



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