Definition of Fishbowl Method

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     According to Taylor (2007: 54) fishbowl is a way to organize a medium to large-group discussion that promotes student engagement and can be used to model small-group activities and discussions. Fishbowls have been used by group work specialists and in counseling. Klik to Download Filenya

   Otim (2013: 27) This technique provides a physical structure that allows participants on the ‘outside’ to see something being done on the ‘inside’. Participants may observe a role play of an actual situation, such as a discussion or a planning meeting. Klik to Download Filenya

      Based on Barkley, Cross, & Major. (2005) Fish bowl is a technique used in classrooms where group dynamics are  important. This technique allows for a deeper discussion of any given topic. It helps build a sense of community and focuses the attention on the ways that a group might work together more productively. In a language arts classroom, it can demonstrate how groups can collaborate to construct meaning from a text. They model peer literature circle discussions as   students analyze a text and connect their responses with others. Klik to Download Filenya

     In Fishbowl, an outer circle of students sits around a smaller, inner circle of students. Students in the inner circle engage in a depth discussion, while students in the outer circle consider what will say and how to say. This collaborative technique has also been called Inside outside Circles. Inner circle students are challenged to participate in a high-level discussion while the outer circle is able to be listener of the discussion and critique content, logic, and group interaction. This technique therefore serves two purposes to provide structure for in-depth discussion and to provide opportunities for students to model or observe group processes in a discussion setting (Elizabeth, et al., 2005:145-146). Klik to Download Filenya




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