A. Background of The Study 

      Media and society are bound to each other. That is because the media contains events that occur in elderly people. The impact of media in life is huge. It gives information to people. The information in media is beneficial towards the readers and listeners. Then, it is considered as a human need. It can be knowledge, awareness, educating towards the community, a job, etc. Media plays an important role in human life. 

    According to Nwogbaga, Nwankwo and Onawa (in Kristin & Kathryn 2018 ; 377), “communication refers to the process of exchanging information between among individuals, groups, institution, or organizations in oral, written or signed forms through any available media.” The written communication is usually found in magazine, newspaper, letters and others. The spoken or oral communication means that people use mouth to speak or deliver information. It can found in television, YouTube, and social media. Those have purposes to share ideas, daily activity, feeling, creativity, emotions, disaster, tragedy, job and others with someone else. 

      In social life, English is not so stranger to be heard. Many people compete in learning English because it is also a necessity in the world of work. Not only that, English also uses for style among young people to make and it is slang in speaking. Public Figures as well often use English as a second language. From this case the speakers often encounter deliberate or unintentional language changes between Indonesian and English. This changing language is called as code switching. According to Hymes (in Fitrah 2017; 31) that code switching is the use of more than one language by the communicants in the execution of speech act. 

       Dedy Corbuzier and Boy William are public figures in Indonesia. These Public figures are active in the world of entertainment and social media. The researcher chose the world of social media; YouTube. Public Figures are more active in social media. Especially due to the Covid19 case that hits all over the world which requires work at home. It was as references for the researcher to find cases of code switching because Dedy Corbuzier and Boy William are bilingual people. It means people who have ability to speak more than two or more languages. Code switching occurred when talking with the guest in the video. 

       As public figures, they have YouTube channel. This Channel is as a work area for sharing information including personal problems and beyond it. It becomes as an interaction with fans and viewers as interacting. When the public figures talks with the guest, Public figures often changes the language. The language shift becomes a trend to others Public figures to appear feeling of engagement and friendliness. That was a reason for the researcher to choose them as data to identify the utterances and reasons which spoken by Public Figures in the vlogs. phenomenon language shift often occurs among community leaders. Many of the audience witnessed the language shift carried out by community leaders, but the language was a problem for some of the audience who did not understand the language. There are still some millennials who don't know the name of this language transfer. The melinials only know that the case is just a form of style to speak. either from regional to regional languages or from unitary languages to international languages, namely English. Therefore, the researcher also chose this topic to become a study aimed at millennials and students, both at the high school or vocational level and at higher levels, which aims to introduce cases of language transfer that occur in our own lives. 

     Every utterance has its own categories ranging from words, phrases, and clauses. The researcher wanted to find code switching towards public figures and guest. According to Poplack (in Aisha 2018; 95) that code switching has three types namely “Tag-switching (insertion of a tag phrase from one language into an utterance of another language), Inter-sentential switching (insertion at a clause or sentence boundary), Intra-sentential switching (insertion within the clause or sentence).” The researcher made categories the utterances of the speakers in the video towards the types of code switching. 

     The research chose this title because the case was not familiar in society. It was hoped, this Research added more insight and also as a guideline for other scientific writings. That is why she chose Dedy Corbuzier and Boy Wiliam’s vlog. 

B. The Identification of The Problem 

  The problems were identified as follows:

  1. Celebrities and Public figures in the world used youTube to communicate or to share idea, daily activity, feeling and etc as an interaction with fans. 
  2. Code switching happened when public figures talked with the guests in the video who has ability to speak more than one or two languages. 
  3. Dedy Corbuzier and Boy wiliam often switched the language while they were talking with the guest in vlog. 

C. The Scope and The Limitation

    The scope of the research was about language contact and it was limited in code switching. The focuses were in observing code switching types and reasons in vlog of Dedy Corbuzier and Boy Wiliam in youtube channel. This research used understanding of code switching towards vlog of Dedy Corbuzier and Boy Wiliam in youtube channel. 

D. Formulation of The Problem 

      The formulations of the research were as follows: 

  1. What were the types of code switching applied in the vlog of Dedy Corbuzier and Boy William? 
  2. Why the code switching used in the vlog of Public Figures?





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