Definition of Inquiry Based Learning Strategy

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      Alberta (2004: 1) defines inquiry is the dynamic process of being open to wonder and puzzlements and coming to know and understand the world. Alberta also defines inquiry-based learning is a process where students are involved in their learning, formulate questions, investigate widely and then build new understandings, meanings and knowledge.  That knowledge is new to the students and may be used to answer a question, to develop a solution or to support a position or point of view.  The knowledge is usually presented to others and may result in some sort of action. Klik to Download Filenya

      Klein (2009: 21) Inquiry is a process of teaching and learning that empowers students to follow their sense of wonder and curiosity into new discoveries and insights about the way the world works.  The empowered learner calls upon information/inquiry skills to connect with what he or she knows, asks intriguing questions about what is not known, investigates the answers, constructs new understandings, and communicates to share those understandings with others.  These skills prepare students for lifelong learning and real-life success.  Inquiry skills help students navigate the world. Klik to Download Filenya

        Hutchings (2007: 9) defines Inquiry is the action of seeking, esp. (now always) for truth, knowledge, or information concerning something; search, research, investigation, examination. Enquiry-Based Learning is a term that describes any process of learning through enquiry. This is not simply one tautology, but, many people would contend, one tautology that contains another. For all learning is at root enquiring: the identification of an area of ignorance and the search for the missing knowledge, ideas or hypotheses. Klik to Download Filenya

     Kellow (2006: 5) Inquiry learning is a student-centred approach to learning where the teacher acts as a guide or facilitator of learning. Inquiry takes students out of the pre digested format of the textbook and into the process of learning from a variety of sources to construct their own understandings. They learn to think through subject content apart from prescribed responses or preset solutions. They are guided through a process of intellectual construction that enables them to build on what they already know and come to a deeper understanding of the concepts and problems underlying the subject. Klik to Download Filenya

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