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    Agarwal (2010: 7) website provides English language learners with various internet resources. The language learning materials for all levels of learners’ know-ledge is included. By clicking on links learners can not only takedifferent tests on various aspects of the English language with instant scoring but also can get the explanations. It also includes several useful internet resources as online dictionaries, games, a chat site, quizzes for deļ¬ning the level of English language knowledge etc. It also provides a standardized format for a letter of application and CV writing. Klik to Download Filenya

     Susanti (2014: 20) resources  in  the  internet  for  English  language  teachers  that  that  are  categorized  into  two: email and World Wide Web.  Email  technology  allowed  teachers  to  create  global  network  through  private  email, mailing  list  and  newsletter.  World  Wide  Web  offers  millions  of  texts  from  organizations  and individuals  in  form  of  professional  journals  and  magazines,  virtual  libraries,  online  media, professional  organization  and  association,  online workshop  and  conferences,  English  language program  and  staff,  publisher,  language  reference  material,  downloadable  software  tools,  and sites for English language learning. Klik to Download Filenya

     Dahmani (2008: 48) there are several reasons why teachers use technology for their classroom, there are First, web based instruction  presents  information  in  a  non-linear  style, allowing students to explore new information via browsing and cross-referencing  activities.  Second, web-based teaching supports  active  learning  processes  emphasized  by  cons-tructivist  theory. Third,  web-based  education  is  enhanced understanding through improved visualization and finally, the convenience, it could be used any time, at any place. Klik to Download Filenya

      The  core  finding  of  this  study  is  that  EFL  teachers  in  Indonesia  are  familiar  with  the  use  of internet for their professional lives. It can be seen from various types of resources available in the internet that they used. However, teachers need more information on other useful websites to access more teaching ideas and more scholarly papers. They should also be encouraged to create  global  network  by  joining  online  professional  groups.  Given  that  internal  barriers  are found,  guidance  to  use  internet  wisely  and  to  create  meaningful  learning  through  internet  is required.

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