Procedure of Using Short Story in Teaching and Learning Process

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    Ghasemi & Hajizadeh (2011: 70) A systematic teaching strategy for the short story can include the following stages:  

  1. Pre-reading activities: to provide students with vocabulary exercises and cultural background
  2. In-class oral reading: to improve listening and spoken  abilities 
  3. Textual analysis and group work: to improve reading comprehension and communicative skills 
  4. Post-reading assignments: to establish the acquired knowledge and improve written skills. Klik to Download Filenya

     In addition Pardede (2011:21) point out the procedure in  teaching  short sory in reading as follows:

  1. Make students  lose  interest  in  the  activity.  This  activity helps  students  to  learn more vocabulary, and it also teaches them how to use a dictionary.
  2. help  students  to  understand  how  a  different  word/phrase  can  be  used  in  the same context.
  3. students practice using the words they already understand the meanings. Klik to Download Filenya

       The writer purpose is to make it easier for students to improve their reading comprehension  using  short  story  as  reading  material.  The  researcher  will  take some steps in teaching reading comprehension as follow: 

1. Pre-activities. The teacher greets students. 

  • The teacher checks students’ attendance list. 
  • The teacher motivates students to be active. 
  • The teacher introduces the topic about short story. 
  • The  teacher  leads  the  students  to  the  topic  by  asking  some  questions related  to  the  topic  presented,  and  then  she  asks  them  to  answer  those questions together. 

2. While-activities. The teacher explains the elements of narrative text. 

  • The teacher asks students to read the short story silently. 
  • The  teacher  explains  about  the  main idea  of  each  paragraph  and  then  she asks  students  to  discuss  in  group  to  find  out  the  main  idea  of  each paragraph. 
  • The teacher  explains  characters in a short story  and also the role of these characters  in  a  short  story,  then  she  asks  students  to  discuss  in  group to find  out  the  characters  in  short  story  they  are  reading  including  how many characters are there and who are they. 
  • The  teacher  explains  plot  and  setting  in  a  short  story,  then  she  asks students to discuss in group about plot and setting in short story they are reading related to the content of their short story. 
  • The  teacher  explains  how  to  make  a  conclusion  of  the  story.  In  this activity, she asks the students to discuss in group about the conclusion of the  story.  After  that  she  asks  the  students  to  discuss  the  result  of  the group discussion together. Klik to Download Filenya

3. Post-activities. The  teacher  gives  some  tests  of  reading  comprehension  to  the  students based  on  the  short  story  they  read,  and  then  she  asks  the  students  to discuss the result together. 

  • The teacher asks students the difficulties related to the topic 
  • The teacher summarizes the materials. 
  • The teacher closes the meeting. Klik to Download Filenya



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