The Procedure of Role Play Strategy

Download File Referensi Dari Definisi dan Kutipan Halaman Tentang The Procedure of Role Play Strategy 

     According to Alabsi (2016: 230) point out the main procedure of teaching English foreign language in some step as follows: Klik to Download Filenya

  1. Preparation content: context/background information. (voc, functions, instructions, time alter, task). 
  2. Activity participation: (interaction, observation, counselor). 
  3. Evaluation content:(follow-up tasks multi-choice questions- fill in the gap, discussion, communicative competence, delay error correction).

        In addition There are six major steps in the procedure according to (Huang in Rahayu 2015: 25) as follows: Klik to Download Filenya

  1. Decide on the Teaching Materials. The teacher must decide which teaching materials will be used for role play activities. The teacher can take teaching materials from textbooks or non-textbook teaching materials such as picture books, storybooks, readers, play-scripts, comic strips, movies, cartoons, and pictures. The teacher selects the material ahead of time. The teacher can also create his or her own authentic teaching materials for role play activities. The teaching materials should be decide based on students' level and interests, teaching objectives and appropriateness for teaching.
  2. Select situations and create dialogs, then a situation or situations to be role played should be select. For every role plays situation, should be providing (by the teaching materials or by the teacher) or created by the students themselves.
  3. Teach the Dialogs for Role Plays, the teacher needs to teach the vocabulary, sentences, and dialogs necessary for the role play situations. The teacher needs to make sure the students know how to use the vocabulary, sentences, and dialogs prior to doing the role play activities, otherwise, the teacher should allow students to ask how to say the words they want to say. Klik to Download Filenya
  4. Have Students Practice the Role Plays, students can practice in pairs or in small groups. After they have played their own roles a few times, have them exchange roles. That way, students can play different roles and practice all of the lines in the role play. When students are confident enough to demonstrate or perform in front of the class, the teacher can ask them to do so for their classmates.
  5. Have Students Modified the Situations and Dialogs, once students have finished and become familiar with an original role play situation, they can modify the situations and/or dialogs to create a variation of the original role play.
  6. Evaluate and check students' comprehension, the teacher shall evaluate the effectiveness of the role play activities and check if students have successfully comprehended the meanings of the vocabulary, sentences and dialogs. There are several ways to do student evaluations. Students can be given oral tests relating to the role plays. Example oral tests can include students are asked to answer some simple questions relating to the role plays or students are asked to act the role plays. Klik to Download Filenya

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