Error Analysis of Inflectional Morpheme in Text Written By Second-Year Study

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A. Background of Study 

   People are always confused of using the term of mistake and error. In order to analyze learner’s acquicisition in English, it is important to make deference between them, because basically both of them are very different. Mistake refers to the errors performance that is unsystematic on the other side as Gass Selinker (2008: 120 in Hendriwanto & Sugeng, 2013: 58) explains, error is systematic and likely to occur repeatedly and it does not recognized by the language learners as an error. The term of systematic refers to the mistakes which appear over and over. If a mistake appears only once in students ‘writing, then it should be calls by mistake because it is unsystematic. If the mistake appears three times or more, it can be called by errors because it is unsystematic. 

   The beginner students sometimes found to make mistakes or errors I n writing a text which use inflectional morphemes. For instance, they were more likely found to make a sentence of “the girl walk alone in the corner of the street”. We could see form the sentence that he made a mistake in the use of ‘walk’ which should be replaced by ‘walks’. The addition of ‘-s’ as the inflected morpheme to indicate that the verb was used by the third singular subject was sometimes avoided by students. 

    An inflection is a change that signals the grammatical function of nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and pronouns. An inflectional morpheme is used to create a variant form of a word in order to signal grammatical information. Inflectional morphemes do not change grammatical category of the base to which they are attached. They do not change the meaning of the base. The only carry relevant grammatical information. E.g. plural (book – books) are both nouns referring to the same kind of entity. 

     There are several studies related to the inflectional morphemes errors which are useful as their existences as data for supporting the researcher’s study. Thesis related does not have same form but those can give contribution in explaining about errors which are often occurred in the students’ writing. Those formers study can give more information and knowledge about the errors in inflectional morphemes through their findings. In SMK, there was no such research conducted before a research will be the first conducted there. 

B. Identification of Problems 

    Based on the background of the study, the problem of the study can be formulated as follows: 

1. There were still many mistake in their writing made by second-year students of SMK 

2. The student made errors in inflectional morpheme. 

C. Scope and Limitation 

    The scope of this study was the product in a text written by second-year students of SMK. The limitation of the study was in inflectional morphemes errors found on students’ writing, which specially clustered into omission when the learners omitted a certain inflectional morpheme from the sentences,...... Klik to Download



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