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Vocabulary plays an important role in mastering the English language because without knowing a lot if vocabularies we will not be able to express ideas to other. Vocabulary is usually distinguished in two kinds namely recognition vocabulary passive vocabulary and active vocabulary. To discuss the English Vocabulary, it is important to know the definition of vocabulary. The definition of vocabulary is taken from sources as can be systematically presented as follows: Klik to Download Filenya

     Blintz (2011: 44) Vocabulary defined as the words we must know to communicate effectively: words in speaking (expressive vocabulary) and words in listening (receptive vocabulary). Foreign language vocabulary knowledge is an increasingly important area in the field of Applied Linguistic, Central to the investigation within foreign language vocabulary knowledge is the distinction between productive and receptive vocabulary knowledge types. Receptive vocabulary is understood as a passive skill which involves the perception of a word and the understanding of its meaning in listening and reading. Productive vocabulary refers to an active skill that covers word production so as to match the speakers’ intention in writing and speaking. Klik to Download Filenya

      Ferreira (2007: 11) stated that points out many authors have similar definitions about vocabulary. Vocabulary can be defined as a powerful carrier of meaning and the knowledge of word sand their meanings. This means that without establishing a strong vocabulary base first, comprehension and use of a language will not be achieved. In addition, the student should be able to recognize words, and know their meanings as well. Thus, when a student is effectively able to recognize and use a word in different contexts, speak, write, pronounce the word well, she/he has the knowledge and meaning of that word. Klik to Download Filenya

    In William and Mary (2015: 1) explanation that understanding  the  nature  of  vocabulary  is  important  to  the  process  of  selecting  appropriate instructional  strategies  that  enable  students  to  master  the  vocabulary  they  need  to  learn  to  read and to read to learn. Vocabulary consists of  function words and content words. Function words are common words, such as are, that, and to. Content words include nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs,  like  flower,  eat,  beautiful,  and  sadly.  Further,  content  words  are  comprised  of  both concrete and abstract words.  Concrete words, such as automobile, can be taught using an object or showing a picture. Abstract words, like harmony, are more easily taught using examples and non examples.  Finally,  words  may  be  considered  to  belong  to  either  general  vocabulary  or technical  vocabulary.  General  vocabulary  refers  to  words,  such  as  giant,  that  are  not  directly associated  with  a  particular  content  area,  while  technical  vocabulary,  like  mitosis,  is  associated with a specific content area, subject, or topic. Klik to Download Filenya

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