Concept and Definition of Game

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      Mubaslat (2012) One useful strategy to encourage learning a foreign language is using language games. When using games in the classroom, it is beneficial for teachers to have a complete understanding of the definitions of games, which usually are defined as a form of play concerning rules, competition, and an element of fun. Teachers should also consider the advantages of games: the ability to capture students' attention; lower students' stress; and give students the chance for real communication. Klik to Download Filenya

      Senel and Akman (2016) Educational  games  are  the  games  which  are  both  designed  for  learning  and entertainment. Games need to encourage “gameplay” or all the thinking, decision-making and actions that make a game fun or not. The optimal  games  may  involve  the  learners  intellectually,  physically  and  emotionally.  An educational  game  is  one  in  which  the  game  experience  should  have  an  impact  on  human beings’ senses, knowledge and skills. In short, it can be said that an educational game is  a game which an educational content has been embedded. Klik to Download Filenya

      Dunlap (2013) Games  are  effective  tools  for  learning  because  they  offer  students  a  hypothetical  environment  in which  they  can  explore  alternative  decisions  without  the  risk  of  failure.  Thought  and  action  are combined into purposeful behavior to accomplish a goal. Playing games teaches us how to strategize, to  consider  alternatives,  and  to  think  flexibly.  There  are  countless  benefits  to  using  games  in  the classroom. Klik to Download Filenya Games can: 

  1. Help students to learn more about themselves  
  2. Enable students to form close bonds with their classmates by creating a shared experience  
  3. Foster a sense of community in the classroom where all students feel comfortable expressing ideas in a safe learning environment 
  4. Energize students to become more active participants in the learning process. Klik to Download Filenya




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