Characterisctic of Good Reader

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    According to Gambrell, Block, and Pressley (2002: 4) identified several important characteristics that distinguish good readers from less proficient readers. Klik to Download Referensinya

  1. Good readers have positive habits and attitudes about reading.
  2. Good readers are fluent enough to focus on the meaning of what they read.
  3. Good readers use what they know to understand what they read.
  4. Good readers form an understanding of what they read by ex-tending, elaborating, and critically evaluating the meaning of the text.
  5. Good readers use a variety of effective strategies to enhanceand monitor their understanding of text
  6. Good readers can read a variety of texts and can read for a va-riety of purposes. Klik to Download Referensinya

       In addition Willson (2009: 3) point out the characteristic of good readers do while reading. Klik to Download Referensinya

  1. Engage in practices that increase  their background knowledge
  2. Know their purpose for reading.
  3. Focus their complete attention on the reading process.
  4. Give their complete attention to the process of reading
  5. Constantly check their understanding of what they are reading.
  6. Monitor their reading comprehension and do so automatically
  7. Stop reading and use a fix-up strategy only when they do not understand what they are reading
  8. Decide if they have achieved their reading objective
  9. Self-check their comprehension of what they have read.
  10. Summarize major ideas in some manner such as a graphic organizer
  11. Seek any additional information from other sources. Klik to Download Referensinya

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