Speaking Proficiency

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       Speaking  is  a  vital  component  of  each  language  and provides the base for growth in the other skills, the classroom should be a place where the use of spoken language is highly supported and valued and where students feel relaxed to ask and answer meaningful questions and express their thought easily.In other words speaking proficiency is a ability to express ideas in spoken form. Klik to Download Filenya

     Iwashita (2010: 32) Characteristics of speakers who are regarded as proficient are often termed as good, fluent, knowledgeable, bilingual,competent and so on. Speaking is  a  productive  skill,  speaking proficiency is a ability to express other meanings to other people.  Interaction is two-way communication that involves using language and body language to keep our listener involved in what we are saying and to check that they understand our meaning. Klik to Download Filenya

      Sanavi and Tarighat (2014: 81) point out that the speaking as the  action  of  conveying  information  or expressing ones‘ thoughts and feelings in spoken languages, speaking is the process of building and sharing meaning through the use of verbal or non-verbal symbols in a variety of contexts and speaking as an interactive process, which consists of three main stages producing, receiving and processing information. In  language teaching  and learning, speaking is considered a skill to be practiced and mastered. Speaking is the productive oral skill; It consists of producing systematic verbal utterance to convey meaning. Klik to Download Filenya

       Lys (2013: 96) Speaking proficiency as a social interaction is the key to learning and that language and cognition are interdependent processes, three essential learning principles: awareness (learner must first notice to learn), autonomy (learner must be ready to learn and must be able to decide what he learns, how, and when), and authenticity (each learning act must be intrinsically motivated).

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