Incidental Vocabulary in Reading Comprehension

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     Based on Zhao & Guo (2016: 225) incidental vocabulary acquisition through reading usually involves the process of learners noticing an unknown word, searching for its meaning, and elaborating upon the form-meaning connection. In this process, the amount of attention learners allocate to unknown words is crucial to the amount of vocabulary acquired through reading pointed out, incidental learning is not entirely incidental, as the learner must pay at least some attention to individual words. Although learners’ focal attention in reading is on the major reading purposes such as text comprehension, a certain degree of peripheral attention might be paid to unknown words, leading to incidental vocabulary acquisition, because learners decide whether to pay attention to unknown words and regulate the amount of attention allocated to them, it is reasonable to argue that learner factors (e.g., mastery of strategies dealing with new words). Klik to Download Filenya

     In addition Pulido (2003: 236) to considering the impact of several reader based factors on incidental vocabulary acquisition, the following review also considers the impact of such factors on text processing and comprehension for the following reasons. First, most theories consider comprehension to be an integral factor in language acquisition, arguing that learner input must be decoded in some comprehensible fashion in order for learning outcomes to occur, incidental vocabulary acquisition has revealed moderate to strong relationships between comprehension of specific texts and gain of new vocabulary encountered with those same texts. Incidental Vocabulary Learning motivates learners for extensive reading. It involves learners' ability to guess the meaning of new words from the contextual clues. Incidental learning occurs more particularly through extensive reading in input-rich environments, albeit at a rather slow rate. Klik to Download Filenya

   In Ahmad (2011: 68) incidental Vocabulary promotes deeper mental processing and better retention. The learners get themselves fully involved in  the process of deciphering the meaning through the clues available in the text. They think and rethink about the new words involving cognitive process which helps the learners retain the words for a longer period of time. Cognitive process includes both receptive and productive aspects of vocabulary. Learners understand not only the meanings in the given  text but the related  grammatical patterns, common lexical sets and typical association of the word  with the context. Klik to Download Filenya

      In order to the explanation above the researcher concludes that the reading and incidental vocabulary have a relationship, incidental vocabulary promotes the process of reading deeply, it can use in specific texts and gain of new vocabulary and also learners understand not only the meanings in the given text but also related to grammatical patterns, common lexical sets and typical association of the word  with the context of text and material.

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