An Analysis Of Grammatical Equivalence In The Subtitle Of Inside Out Movie

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A. Background of Study

    In daily life, there are some processes of translation, such as translation which is happened in the movie, books, and novels. Translation itself is the process of transferring information from the source language into the target language. People may understand clearly and deeply about what and how translation is by learning the theory of translation. Translation is a process of replacement of messages in source language (SL) by its equivalent in target language (TL). Meaning that the most important thing in translation is that the TL has the closest natural equivalence with SL. Nida and Taber also said that translating consists in reproducing in the receptor language the closest natural equivalent of the sources language message, first in term of meaning and secondly in term of style (1969:12). Baker (1992) had defined five types of equivalence namely equivalence at word level, equivalence above word level, grammatical equivalence, textual equivalence and pragmatic equivalence. Baker stated that grammatical rules may vary across languages and this may pose some problems in terms of finding a direct correspondence in the TL. Different grammatical structures in the SL and TL may cause remarkable changes in the way information or message is carried across. Grammatical rules of Bahasa Indonesia and English are quite different. The grammatical rules of English is probably more complicated than Bahasa Indonesia. Equivalence of grammatical between the two languages is very important. Without this, distortion in message and meaning would arise and cause misunderstanding to the translation readers. Translation helps people who cannot speak language can understand the message or the meaning of the language because the function of translation is to change something writter or spoken of the source language into the target language.

 As quotation from Ika Cahyaningtyas (2013), in the area of translation there are interpreting, dubbing and subtitling. Interpreting and dubbing are a process of translation from spoken language into another spoken, while the process of subtitling is from spoken language into written language. A work which usually uses subtitling is a movie. Because of the differences cultures and language among one country from another countries, for example English and Indonesia, subtitling is important to understand the meaning of movie so the movie viewer can understand the story. In subtitling, there are at least two different types of language, there are the source language and the target languagee.g English language and Indonesian. Translating the subtitle of movie does not only concern in the grammatical sentence but also in the utterances as close as possible with the source language in order to make a good and readable subtitle. Watching movie is mostly everyone‘s favorite. It is always enjoyable and fun for watching movies that often bring us in a unique imagination about the movies. Some scenes show unimpossible thing to be real. In movies, audiences do not only watch the movie but also become part of the story. Almost all of Hollywood movies/films are produced in English, which are difficult to understand by mostly Indonesian, because the difference of language used. The purpose of translation was to make the quality of translation readable and accepted to everyone who watch the film. The low quality of subtitle would make the audience cannot enjoy the movie.

     There are many movies which include subtitles from other countries can be watched by the people in Indonesia. One of them is the movie entitled ―Inside Out‖. The movie was directed by Pete Docter and produced by Jonas Rivera. Starring by Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Bill Hader, Lewis Black, and Mindy Kaling. This movie released on June 19, 2015 in United States. This movie is chosen because the movie is one of popular movies. It is popular movie because it is watched by billion people around the world. This movie won AFI Awards 2016 as Movie of the Year, Academy Award 2016 as Best Animated Feature Film of the Year, and also won Golden Globes 2016 as Best Motion Picture. Besides that,―Inside Out‖ nominated in the BAFTA Awards 2016 for Best Original Screenplay. The story of Inside Out centers on an 11-years-old girl name Riley Andersen moving to San Fransisco and her five emotions: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger trying to help her cope with her new life. The five emotions live in headquarters and control how Riley feels. When Joy and Sadness are accidentally kicked out of headquarters, they go on a wild journey to get back. 

   This study attempted to classify the grammatical equivalence used in transfering the meaning from English into Indonesian subtitle of Inside Out movie. Thus, if the translator of Inside Out movie subtitle could not translate and transfer the subtitle and the main idea of that movie well, misunderstanding, and misinterpretation were potential to happened.

B. The identification of the Problem

     The problem of this research could be identified as follow :

1. The audience was difficult to understand due to the difference of language use.

2. The low quality of subtitle would make the audience cannot enjoy the movie.

3. The audience misunderstanded the translation because grammatical rules of Bahasa Indonesia and English were quite different.

C. The Scope and Limitation

     The scope of the study was focussed on translation equivalence in the subtitle of Inside Out movie that was limitated on grammatical equivalence in Joy‘s utterances.

D. Formulation of the Problem

    The problems of this research are formulate as follows :

1. What types of grammatical equivalences are found in Indonesia subtitle in the movie?

2. How is grammatical equivalence realized in Indonesia subtitle in the movie?

3. Why are grammatical equivalences used in the Indonesia subtitle of Inside Out movie? Klik to Download



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