An Analysis of Main Character Conflict In “1917” Movie

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A. Background of the Study

    Literature means writing valued as a work of art. It also refers to the composition that tells stories, dramatizes, situations, expresses emotions, analyzes, and advocates. Richard Taylor (1981:1) says : “Literature, like other arts, is essentially an imaginative act of the writer’s imagination in selecting, ordering, and interpreting life experiences.” 

    A literary work can be defined as a branch of literature dealing with words as raw material to create a picture, an idea or a story in a meaningful pattern. Yet words, being the backbone of the pattern, are not really of great importance if they aren't carefully manipulated into good syntactically stractured sentences so as to convey the target idea in an artistic way. By this it is meant that the work is valued as work of art with a literary style which is, of course, different from that we use in colloquy. 

     The literary work is two types, either a creative writing or the study of what is written. Writing is a creative work that values man as a creator and raises his existance above the world of subsistance, but that work we call "study" is the way (by which) another literate person sees and analyses the work in question. The literary work, as a work of art, can be a drama, a fiction, essays, biography or journalism and so on. Sometimes the author deals with an imaginary world such as in novels,poetry and drama (movie).

     Watching a movie becomes one of the daily activities for some people. People may have different purposes in watching movies, such as, for a refreshing, adding knowledge, studying a foreign language, and understanding foreign cultures. Affordable moreover, it is price for entertainment. 

     According to Kridalaksana ( 1984: 32 ) says : “Film is: 

1. Thin, clear, flexible, coated sheets with antihalo coating, used for photographic purposes. 

2. A mass media tool that has the property of hearing and hearing (audio-visual) and can reach a large audience”. 

    In general, the movie can be divided into 3 types namely: documentary, fiction, and experimental. Narrative elements and the basic elements in fiction films are always characters, conflicts, and purpose. There were many approaches to analyze the literature one of them is analyzing character; it studies how to analyze conflict in the movie. 

    Conflict in the film is interesting too because, first, conflict is one of them is not the builder of work literature related to figures, plot, and settings that are part no intrinsic in literary works. Second, every literary work certainly has a conflict because without a conflict, the work literature will feel bland and conflict is the most problem dominantly present in literary works. Third, in literary works conflict is always present because without conflict a work the plot cannot be known 

    Nurgiyantoro (2013:179) conflict is something dramatic, refers to the fight between the two balanced and implied strengths there are actions andcountermeasures. Meredith and Fitzgerald (in Nurgiyantoro, 2013: 179) also states that "conflict points in the sense of something that is not the fun that happened and or experienced by characters, who, if the characters have the freedom to choose, he (they) will not choose it happened to him ". 

    The researcher analyzed the conflict used in the "1917" movie. The specific in this object is analyze the dialogue by main character conflict of the "1917" movie. The 1917 movie has received the Best Motion Picture and Best Director awards at the 2020 Golden Globe Awards. This film also received 10 Academy Awards nominations aka Oscars 2020. Of course this film has advantages and disadvantages. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the audience. Advantages: One-shot shooting technique that successfully displays the horror of war that feels real and manages to display the horror of war that feels real, The audience will feel a sensation like a third person following Will and Tom's dangerous journey. 1917 succeeded in bringing a story line that controlled the feelings of the audience. Disadvantages: There are only a few flaws in this film. Namely voiceover that is out of sync with the mouth. and the conflict that is presented mostly only through expression. 

    With this research, it was made in the form of film analysis for the conflict contained in the film. By chose this title, it could add to the experience of many peopleespecially researcher. This was a film that taught a lot of benefits and advice. More the development of the age, the higher also technology as well as with a film.

B. Identification of the Problem 

    Research problems was identified as follows : 

1. The film is the real word war I history 

2. This film taking a respectable place as a Pre-Oscar nominee and as a winner in the Golden Globe Awards 

C. The Scope and Limitation 

   The scope of this researcher was focused on the elements of english literature and limited on the conflict and types of conflict in which the researcher found in main character conflict from on "1917" movie. 

D. The Formulation of the Problems 

    The problems of this research were formulated as follows: 

1. What types of the conflict were found in the main character of the “1917” movie? 

2. What is the dominant type of conflict in the main character of the 1917 movie 

E. The Objectives of the Study 

    The reseacher hopes the problems above can be accomplished by these objectives: 

1. To know types of conflict found in the main character of “1917” movie. 

2. To know the dominanttype of conflicts found in the "1917" movie. Klik to Download



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