The Implementation of RCRR (Read Cover Remember Retell) Strategy to Improve Students’ Achievement in Reading Comprehension

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A. The Background of the Study 

    Reading comprehension is the activity of reading in which the readers build comprehension of a text. Reading comprehension combined logical thinking that is owned by a collection of letters, words, and sentences that are in the text. This is in line with the statement of Snow (2002) which states that reading comprehension is the process of simultaneously extracting and constructing meaning through interaction and involvement with written language. The above statement emphasizes that reading comprehension is not just about how you read well that includes accurate pronunciation and loud voice. However, reading comprehension is an activity to extracting and constructing an understanding of the meaning of a text which can then be translated by you and through your own language. Furthermore, such understanding can be useful to others. Without reading comprehension, students can only imitate a person's language and read a text without understanding the meaning. Through reading comprehension someone can get more information, knowledge, enjoyment and even problem solution. So, reading comprehension was very important for the students to have in understanding the written language well. 

    Reading is one skill involved in english curriculum which must be mastered by the students. The competency standard of reading for Senior High School of curriculum 2013 expects that the students are able to comprehend the short functional texts such as recount, narrative, descriptive, analytical exposition and procedure text in the daily context. It means the students were expected to comprehend the text, includes the definition, the generic structures and the language feature from those text. 

    In reality, there were many students still have low ability in reading comprehension. For example, most of the students did not understand about the definition, the generic structures and the language feature in a narrative text. This reality was stated by Aruan and Vera (2012) in the results of their research based on initial observations made, the low ability of students to read is because they are less able to understand the text. So they unable to answer questions related to the text. Another fact that proves reading ability of Senior High School is low through the research done by Programme for International Student Assesment (PISA, 2015). Based on a survey of reading literacy in Senior High School age students (15-16 years), it was reported that Indonesia is ranked 62 out of 70 participating countries. These realities of students’ reading ability showed that the students’ ability of senior high school in reading comprehension was still low. 

    This reality was also found by the researcher in Real Teaching Practice (PPL) at MAN 1 Medan in 2017/2018, the researcher found some problems of the students in reading comprehension. The first, students have low vocabulary. They just read without knowing the meaning. It makes the students got difficulty to comprehend the main idea of the text. Then, the students were lazy to open their dictionary to find the meaning of the word. Second, the students think that reading was a boring thing, because of reading a longer text. When the teacher asked the students to answer some questions based on the text orally, most of them could not give the correct answers. The condition indicated that the students have low proficiency in understanding a text. 

    There were some factors cause the problems of reading. The first was the internal factor, come from the students them selves. The students have low motivation and interest in reading. It was indicated when they were asked to read a text, they were still lazy and passed by their eyes without comprehending the text. The second was the external factor that may come from the teacher. They still use conventional strategy to teach their students in the class. In this case the teacher only give the reading text and then asked the students to read the reading text and answer the questions. It makes the students less encouragement and motivation in reading a text. On the other hand, the students seldom discuss and share the materials they get toward others , the students become passive because the reading activity still depends on the teacher’s explanation. 

    The problems of students in reading can be solved through the application of various kinds of reading strategies. The problems can be solved through the learning process undertaken by the teacher, one of them is by using appropriate teaching strategies. There are many teaching reading strategies need to be used to make the students active in doing reading comprehension activity and it needs an appropriate strategy to help them to solve the students problems. One of them is Read, Cover, Remember, Retell strategy. According to Brummer and Macceca (2008) state that Read, Cover, Remember, Retell strategy is an effective approach to helps readers at all grade levels who think that good reading is reading quickly and as the result do not understand what they have read. It is modeled for students during a whole-class instruction period, and then conducted with the students who work as partners to read the same text. By using this reading strategy the students had an opportunity for giving mutual support and stimulation and the students are also motivated to share the information or express their story each other. It means reading with this strategy students will be able to read quickly followed by good results from an understanding of what they have read. Then, reading comprehension by using this strategy is believed to improve students' reading ability. This is supported by the research finding of Yulimariza (2013) states that Read, Cover, Remember, Retell strategy can increase students' motivation in learning English, especially reading and it can make them think more active and critical in understanding the text. And then, Anita (2013) concludes that this strategy also can improve students reading comprehension. It is known that using read, cover, remember, retell strategy toward students’ reading comprehension give good effect. So, it was believed that this strategy is more effective to make students can understand and remember what they read in the text. 

    Based on the description above, the researcher was interested in conducting the research entitles : The Implementation of RCRR (Read, Cover, Remember, Retell) Strategy to Improve Students’ Achievement in Reading Comprehension. In this research, the researcher would like to describe the students’ achievement in reading comprehension through the implementation of Read, Cover, Remember, Retell (RCRR) strategy.

B. The Identification of the Problem 

    Based on the background above, the problems were formulated as follows: 

1. The students still got difficulty to comprehend the main idea of the text. 

2. The students have low motivation in reading. 

3. The students have low vocabulary. 

4. The teacher still used conventional strategy to teach the students. 

C. The Scope and Limitation 

    The scope of this reseach focused on reading comprehension on narrative text and it was limited on interpretative reading comprehension of the first grade students of senior high school. 

D. The Formulation of the Problems 

    The problems of this research were formulated as the following: 

1. Is there any improvement of students’ achievement in reading comprehension by applying RCRR (Read, Cover, Remember, Retell) strategy? 

2. How are the students’ activities in reading comprehension through implementing of RCRR (Read, Cover, Remember, Retell) strategy? 

3. How is the teacher’s performance in reading comprehension through the implementing of RCRR (Read, Cover, Remember, Retell) strategy? Klik to Download


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