The Implementation of Using Circuit Learning Strategy To Increase Students Speaking Ability Assisted By Series Picture Media

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A. Background of the Study

    Indonesian students in a school have to learn English as one of the target languages. They need to learn both language skills and also language components. Language skills as stated by (Brown 2001:232) are listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Language components contain vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Furthermore, students are expected to be able to apply those skills and components in their daily activities.

    In order to be able to use English, learners have to master English skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Although all four skills are equally important, the speaking skills could be seen as the leading skills during the English learning process. During the learning process, learners need to communicate with others in order to express their ideas and feelings. One of the ways to communicate with others is through speaking.

    Speaking is the primary indicator of successful language learning, which means that success in language learning is often measured in terms of the ability to carry out a conversation in the target language (Richard:2008). Based on that statement by speaking, we can convey information and ideas, and maintain social relationship by communicating with other people. People who conduct communication can be said successful if they can convey their speaking like water flow in a river. There are no spaces during the speaking process. The components of speaking are pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. This means the speaker can arrange the sentence correctly and relevantly. To reach a successful communication, a speaker needs two aspects that should be fulfilled. The first is correctness and relevance of message. It means that a speaker knows the content of what he is saying. The second aspect is self-management. This aspect deals with the arrangement of ideas in appropriate and effective way then present them to the listeners.

    In fact, many students feel difficult to apply speaking in the learning process nowadays. This becomes one of the reasons why their ability in speaking is not developed at school. They have several difficulties in speaking. First is the students' difficulty in expressing ideas orally. The second problems are limited vocabulary. It makes the students is difficult to speak for a long time. The third, they have limited grammar ability. And the last they feel worried so much that they will make some mistakes during speaking. That actually makes them less contribute in speaking learning process. They would rather to keep silent than to speak during the English learning process.

    Teaching speaking to students is quite complicated as well, because for Indonesian students, they always get stuck in memorizing new vocabularies, pronouncing the words, using the grammar correctly and accurately, expressing their ideas coherently, and eliminating their anxiety. Besides, some students have not been able to think something abstract to get the idea to express something if they want to speak so that it makes them not actively participate in learning activity especially in speaking class. Furthermore, teacher in delivering English lessons are less effective especially in speaking, thus causing low motivation to learn English. It happens because the teacher often uses monotonous way in teaching speaking and there are no several of media and technique in teaching speaking. It will make the students feels bored.

    Based on the explanation of problems in speaking above, so researcher useCircuit Learning Strategy as one of cooperative learning strategies to be applied in speaking class. Furthermore, in this study the researcher uses the series picture as media. In the teaching speaking skill, series picture is useful because students can see and touch it directly, and by using attractive poster it can make the students interest to the material. They do not need to imagine so they will be easy to express their ideas. So the researcher feels interested to choose the title in this research “THE IMPLEMENTATION OF USING CIRCUIT LEARNING STRATEGY TO INCREASE STUDENTS’ SPEAKING ABILITY ASSISTED BY SERIES PICTURE MEDIA”. This study is expected will be a more significant way to find out the effect the students‟ speaking ability.

B. Identification of the Problem

1. The students‟ speaking ability was low 

2. The students were lack of vocabulary and grammar mastery

3. The English teaching media was not strongly enough to contribute the students‟ speaking achievement.  Klik to Download



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