Narrative Text dan Soal Essay Dengan Kunci Jawaban Untuk lampiran atau Appendix Skripsi Bahasa Inggris Part 6

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Read the test below and answer the question!

The Crash

    In 1971 Juliana Koepke, a seventeen year-old German girl, left Lima by air with her mother. They were on their way to Pucallpa, another town in Peru, to spend the holiday with Juliana’s father. Forty-five minutes later the plane broke up in a storm, and Juliana fell 3,000 meters, strapped in her seat. She was not killed when the seat hit the ground (perhaps because trees broke her fall), but she lied all night unconscious.

    The next morning, Juliana looked for pieces of the plane, and called for her mother. Nobody answered, and she found nothing except a small plastic beg of sweets.

    Juliana’s collar bone was broken, one knee was badly hurt and she had deep cuts on her arms and legs. She had no shoes, her glasses were broken, and she was wearing only a very short dress, which was very badly torn. But she decided to try to get out of the jungle, because she knew that if she stayed there she would die. So, Juliana started to walk. She did not find anything to eat, and as the days went by she got weaker and weaker. She was also in bad trouble from insect bites. She heard helicopters, but could not see them above the trees, and of course they could not see her.

    One day, she found three seats and saw that they laid dead bodies in them, but she did not recognize the people.

    After four days she got to river. She saw caimans and piranhas, but she knew that they do not usually attack people. So Juliana walked and came down the river for another five days. At the last, she came to a hut. Nobody was there, but the next afternoon, four men arrived. They took her to a doctor in the next village.

    Juliana learned afterwards that there were at least three other people who were not killed in the crash. But she was the only one who swam out of the jungle. It took her ten days. Adapted from:

Answer the following questions in individually!

  1. What is the main idea in the first paragraph?
  2. What would happen if Juliana didn’t get out of the jungle?
  3. Why did Juliana get weaker and weaker?
  4. Why did the helicopter not see her?
  5. They were on their way to Pucallpa. What does they refer to?

The Lion and the Mouse

     A lion was sleeping peacefully when he was woken by something running up and down jibs back and over his face. Pretending to be still asleep, the lion slowly opened one eye and saw that it was a little mouse. With lightening speed the lion reached out and caught the little mouse in one of his large paws. He dangled it by its and roared, “I’m the King of Beast! You’ll pay with your life for showing me such disrespect.”

     The lion held the little mouse over his huge open jaws and prepared to swallow it. “Please, please don’t it me, Mr. king of Beasts, Sir,” squeaked the mouse. “If you forgive me this time and let me go I’ll never, never forget it.”

       “I me be able to do you a good turn in the future to repay your kindness,” it squeaked. “You do me a favor!” roared the lion with laughter. “That is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.”

       Still laughing, the lion put the mouse down on the ground and said; “ You’ve made me laugh so much I can’t eat you now. Go on, off you go before I change my mind.” The little mouse scurried away as fast as its little legs could go.

      Not long after this the lion was caught in a trap by some hunters. They tied him to a tree with rope while they went to get their wagon. The little mouse was nearby and came when he heard the mighty Lion’s roar for hell. The mouse gnawed the rope with his sharp teeth and set the Lion free.

     “I know you didn’t believe me, but I told you I could help you one they,” squeaked the title mouse. “Even a little mouse like me can help someone as big and strong as you.”

    Thank you my little friend. I won’t forget that lesson.” Said the lion as the run away before the hunters returned. 

Answer the following questions in individually!

  1. What is the main idea of the first paragraph?
  2. Mention the supporting ideas of the first paragraph!
  3. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
  4. Make a conclusion about the story above!
  5. Why does the lion catch the mouse in this story?

Read the test below and answer the question!

Animal Experimentation

  Animals are widely used in laboratories. Mice, rabbits, dogs. And monkeys are a few examples of animals used by researches and scientific and medical purposes. Scientists use the animal to investigate biological processes in humans and animals; to study the causes of diseases; to test drugs, vaccines, and surgical techniques: and to evaluate the safety of chemicals used in pesticides, cosmetics, and other products.

     Many animal functions like humans so can that they can be good models to understand the human body. Some animal suffer from the some diseases as humans do. Animal also carry a number of genes that are identical to human genes. With those similarities, scientists are able to learn much about the human by studying the animals. Adapted from:

Answer the following questions below:

  1. What is the main idea in the second paragraph?
  2. Where is it Located?
  3. What is it world-famous for?
  4. What can you find there?

What does the word “they” in the last paragraph?

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