Versification Analysis on the Poem New Hampshire by Robert Frost

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A. Background of Study

   Literature has three general genres; they are Drama, Poetry, and Prose. Poetry is a part of literary form. The most of people create and read poetry. Poetry is a written form art that has aesthetic quality and deep meaning in its language. Poetry uses specific devices such as connotation sound and rhythm to express the appropriate combination of meaning and emotion. Poetry is different from other forms of literature because of its use of the resources of language and music. According to Akporobaro (2008: 12), “poetry applies to the many forms in which man has given a rhythmic expression into his imaginative and intense perceptions of his world…” When analyzing a poem, one must pay attention to certain resources. So, in appreciating poetry, attention must be paid to diction, imagery, sound effects and sound patterns.

   Poetry is used to achieve the artistic expression in several ways (Ollila and Jantas 2006: 1). There are certain forms and patterns that poets follow in the composition process of their work. These different forms were birthed out of separate artistic and cultural movements. Most of these forms coincide with the previously mentioned definition of poetry; and, the most popular of these forms are elegy, narrative, ode, ballad, sonnet, villanelle, sestina, free verse, and epic.Versification is the device or tool for identifying and analyzing poetry correctly. It is how the technical framework and pattern can build poetry. We can observe poetry by basic versification.

   The reason why the researcher took versification analysis in this research, because the researcher found several problems related to this subject. First, when the researcher tried to ask the students about versification some of them did not know what versification was and its function in the poetry. Whereas when we discuss versification, we are generally discussing technical characteristics and mechanical “facts”. According to Frog and Karina Lukin (2016), Versification describes the marriage of language and meter: it is the key to the production of poetry. Second, based on the researcher‟s questionnaire on seventh semester in E-Morning class when researcher gave Robert Frost‟s poetry ( Fire and Ice ) to them and ask them to distinguish the types of poetic feet in that poetry. The researcher found 80% of students who faced such the difficulty. The researcher chose Robert Frost‟s poem because she wants to give any information of how the way to determine the process of poetic feet that occur in the Robert Frost‟s poem besideshe was well known as a legend. His poetry has drawn many praise and admiration from public. A number of his poems have become highly popular. The writer hopefully this research will increase the student‟s knowledge in versification.

B. The Identification of Problems

    The problems of this study identified as followed:

1. Students did not know what the versification is and its functions in poetry.

 2. Students hard to distinguish the types of poetic feet.

C. The Scope and Limitation

  The scope of this research was versification and limitation that only focused on the poetic feet use on the Robert Frost‟s poem in the New Hampshire volume; Nothing Gold Can Stay, Fragmentary Blue, On a Tree Fallen Across The Road, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, Fire and Ice, The Aim Was Song, The Onset, Dust of Snow. Klik To Download



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