The Use of ARIAS Model with Media Spelling Bee Game to Imrove Speaking Ability

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A. Background of the Study

    English is an international language is used by almost all people over the world to interact or to each other. It also used to face globalization era. As a result, the abilty to speak and to write as an important skill for educational, and personal reasons are needed. In teaching there are four things students must master in learning languages: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Speaking is one of the four language skills, which has a basic function of language as communication instrument. Tarigan (1990, pp.3-4) defines that speaking is a language skill that is developed in child life, which is produced by listening skill, and at that period speaking skill is learned.

    Speaking is important for students to practice their ability and understanding, how to send ideas, and how to spell words well; in this case students' motivation and interests are needed to make their understanding process easier. They will have difficulty using English to talk to each other; This is due to the condition of the school environment and the media used in teaching them. Therefore, the teacher can use media in teaching English, a method used to help students speak in interacting between teachers and students. Next, the teacher must prepare assistive devices that are interested before the learning process is carried out. In this case, the researcher used spelling bee game as media in teaching learning processes. 

    Spelling bee is a game in English, can be used for spelling competitions for students. In principle this is to increase the vocabulary (spelling) with a certain level of complexity, repeatedly. Students are usually given a question in the form of words that they must spell correctly. 

   Based on the problems above many learning models can be used by teachers to improve the teaching and learning process that is in the classroom. One model of learning that can be used as a new innovation in school is ARIAS (Assurance, Relevance, Interest, Assessment, and Satisfunction) learning model. The ARIAS offers a complete method that motivated the students to speak and increase their ability in speaking. It grows the students’ confidence to speak and encourage them to be active in the classroom.

    Based on the curriculum in teaching middle school students is expected to a.) Speak verbally fluently and interact with classmates, b.) Conducting activities such as inviting someone, accepting and rejecting offers, asking questions and giving opinions, praise, and congratulations. Based on predetermined goals, students are expected to achieve them. In reality students cannot communicate fluently. The fact can be shown through observation and interviews.

 From observations made by researchers, lack of skills in speaking students is the problem. In fact, the ability of eighth graders in Al-Hikmah Middle School in speaking material did not meet curriculum standards. There are three problems students have difficulty speaking English. First, they talk with lots of pauses. Second, they have difficulty finding the right words to make sentences or expressions. Third, they have problems in self-concept so it is very difficult to answer questions and not dare to speak verbally in class. Therefore the teacher must translate all sentences before explaining the material to students.

   Based on the fact, the classroom teacher and the writer would like to improve their proficiency in speaking by conducting an action research by using games. In this case, game can be a solution as it stated by Prank that game is used for giving intense and passionate involvement in communication to the students so that they can feel enjoyment and pleasure in learning (Mahmoud & Tanni, 2014). Therefore, teachers have to try to motivate students to speak by using games combined with communicative approach so that hopefully it can create a good circumstance, encourage students to take part actively and improve the quality of students’ communicative competence. In addition, the game is "an activity in which students play and usually interact with others" (Wright et al., 2006).

    Based on the description, the study was conducted to analyze and prove whether the game can improve students' speaking skills. In this case, seventh grade students were chosen as research subjects because they were considered a lower level of speaking skills than other classes based on interviews with English teachers. Here, the researcher tried to propose a strategy in teaching English, especially teaching speaking, namely "Spelling Bee Games". 

    Based on the background above, the writer chooses teaching speaking by using games of the eighth year students of SMP.

B. Identification of Problem

1. The students’ speaking skill is was very low.

2. The students had difficulties in speaking because of lack of vocabulary.

3. The teacher used conventional learning method in teaching speaking.

C. The Scope and Limitation

   The scope of this research is speaking and it will be limited on the descriptive text. 

D. The Formulation of the Problem

1. How is the role of spelling bee game in increasing students’ speaking abilty?

2. How is the students accuracy and fluency in speaking through ARIAS?

E. The Objective of the Study

1. To find out the role of spelling bee game in increasing students’ speaking ability. 

2. To find out the increase of the students’ accuracy and fluency in speaking through ARIAS strategy. Klik to Download



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