A. Background of Research

   The expansion of communication, information, and technologies lead people to join the global era where there are many necessities of high qualification and skill related to the ability in using some foreign languages. One of the international languages is English. English plays an important role in this era. Nowadays Indonesia also lives in a world that is nearly using English in many aspects of life.

   Brown (2007: 6) defines that language is a systematic instrument of communicating ideas or feelings by using sounds, gestures, or signs agreed. The primary function of language is for interaction and communication. English as one of the international languages in the world should be mastered by people from many countries in the world to communicate each other. They may know and understand what they speak communicatively because of English. Because of the reason, English becomes the first foreign language that is taught in Indonesia from elementary school up to college.

   Speaking is one of the four basic language skills: listening, writing, reading and speaking. Teaching English speaking is the process of giving the English lesson, from the teacher to the students based on the material from the syllabus of the certain school, in order that the students are able to absorb it and they will be able to communicate by using English orally. All those skills are supported by some components such as vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, etc. Speaking skill is one thing that should be mastered by the students in the school. Tarigan (1990:3-4) defines that speaking is a language skill that is developed in child life, which is produced by listening skill, and at that period speaking skill is learned.

   Above factors, entail us to master English, especially speaking skill successfully, so we can communicate with all of the people over the world fluently. Unfortunately, there are so many factors as handicap of how people can master speaking skill successfully, such as they never practice to speak English with their friends formally or informally, afraid of making mistakes, or afraid to be laughed by others and do not feel confident, or sometime they seem do not to have ideas in their mind if they are asked to practice their speaking.

   The students’ inability to speak in English is caused by a number of factors. There are eight factors. They are; (1) clustering (2) redundancy (3) reduced forced (4) performance variable (5) colloquial language (6) rate of delivery (7) stress, rhythm and intonation (8) interaction. (Brown: 2000:270) 

   Actually not only the general people have that problem but also the students of SMP have those problems. According to the information from the English teachers SMP, the problems are such as the new curriculum in seventh and eight levels so make an old teacher difficult to follow it and the position of Ambarawa is not good enough. Actually Ambarawa is not a village and it is not a city also so make the education grow up slowly. In addition, the students also want to show other student in the school or members of their family that they can speak some English. For this reason, teacher should use creative teaching methods that encourage students to take part actively in the class. The teaching learning processes have to involve not only teacher and students, but also the students and students. 

  Helping students to solve these problems, the teacher should motivate them and create the most effective way to stimulate them, so they will be interested in practicing their speaking. On other hand, the teacher should use certain technique to stimulate students to practice their speaking, because good strategy will support them in achieving skill including English skill. Teacher have to teach the material by using good method, good technique and organize teaching-learning process as good as possible, so teaching-learning process can run well. It can make student master English skill, especially in this case speaking skill successfully, because one of the teaching failures is caused by unsuitable method.

   There are many ways to make a fun activity in teaching speaking in the classroom. Using pictures, cards, and other visual aids usually add a great joy to the class. Fishbowl is one of the methods that can be applied in teaching speaking because fishbowl is one of potential activities that students can aim to arrive at a conclusion, share ideas about an event, or find solution in this activity. However, Fishbowl is related by the third support that is students themselves. Therefore, fishbowl is a way to make students be more confident in speaking English. (KLIK TO DOWNLOAD)



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