Recount Text dan Soal Essay Dengan Kunci Jawaban Untuk lampiran atau Appendix Skripsi Bahasa Inggris Part 2

History of Istanbul

   First inhabitants of Istanbul are dating back to second millennia BC, they were settled on the Asian side of the city. Its first name comes from Megara king Byzas who took his colonists here in the 7th century BC to establish a colony named Byzantium, the Greek name for a city on the Bosphorus. Byzas chose this spot after consulting an oracle of Delphi who told him to settle across from the "land of the blind". Indeed, Byzas believed that earlier settlers must have been "blind" for overlooking this superb location at the entrance of the Bosphorus strait, only access to the Black Sea.

   In the 6th century BC Persians ruled the city and then Alexander the Great took it over after 4th century BC, which was a peaceful period until the 2nd century BC. In 193 AD Roman emperor Septimus Severus conquered the city  and it remained under the Roman rule until 4th century AD, when emperor Constantine the Great made Byzantium the capital of entire Roman Empire and gave it his name: Constantinople, and Eastern Roman Empire was called Byzantine Empire after 5th century. The city was built on seven hills, like Rome.

   Early Byzantine emperors filled their city with the treasures of the ancient world, especially between 4th and 6th centuries with a population exceeded half a million. In 532 during the reign of Justinian I, riots destroyed the city. But it was rebuilt and outstanding structures such as Hagia Sophia stand as monuments to the golden age of Byzantines. 

   Istanbul's latter history is full intrigues and sieges, it was besieged by the Arabs in the 7th and 8th centuries and by the Barbarians in the 9th and 10th, but ruled by the Fourth Crusade between 1204-1261 who destroyed and sacked all the wealth. After this, Constantinople did not regain its former richness nor strength. 

Asking the social function

Instruction 1:

Say whether the following statements are true or false!

  1. Byzas is the name of an oracle from India who told about “land of the blind”.(………)
  2. Byzas believed that earlier settlers of the city (Istanbul) were "blind" because they ignored the fantastic location.(………) 
  3. Byzantium is the former name of Istanbul.(………) 
  4. Byzantium was a wonderful city.(………) 
  5. Byzantium was very peaceful from 4th century BC until 2 century BC.(………) 
  6. The emperor Constantine the Great changed the name Byzantium into Constantinople.(………)
  7. The eastern Empire was called Byzantine Empire after 5th century.(………) 
  8. Byzantine was besieged by the Arabs in the 9th and 10thcentury.(………) 
  9. The city of Byzantine was destroyed during the reign of Justinian I.(………) 
  10. Hagia Sophia monuments were built as a remembrance to the golden age of Byzantines.
Contoh Recount Text
My Holiday in Yogyakarta

   Last month, My Family and I went to Yogyakarta. We took a tourism bus to go there. We left at 7 o’clock in the morning. The trip took about 4 hours and we arrived at for about 11 a.m. We visited many famous and amazing places in Yogyakarta.

   The first day of our holiday, we went to Prambanan Temple. When we got there, we could see that Prambanan Temple was very beautiful and huge. There were many small temples around the location with some big temples. After that, we visited Gembira Loka Zoo. I could see snakes collection, butterfly, fish, elephant, crocodiles and even tigers. I took some pictures of the animals. In the evening, we went back to our hotel at Sahid Raya Hotel to take a rest. I felt very comfortable staying in this hotel since the facilities were completed and satisfying. Next day, my family and I went to Malioboro. I bought some souvenirs for my friends in Malioboro. This place was very busy and crowded. Overall, I liked this experience so much.

Read the following text carefully. Then, underline the conjunctions and circle the past time expressions written on the text.

Trip to Pangandaran Beach
   Last month my family and I went to Pangandaran Beach for a vacation. We took a tourism bus to go there. We left at 7 o’clock in the morning. The trip took about 4 hours and we arrived at for about 11 a.m. 
   After we arrived there, we walked down to the beach. It was a nice sunny day with a blue sky and a gentle breeze. I saw some seagulls flew around hunting for fish. The waves were suitable for swimming, but I didn’t swim because I couldn’t swim. I just played with the water in the shallow part. We also didn’t miss our opportunity here taking some picture with the background of the beautiful Pangandaran beach. Before we went home, we looked for some beautiful souvenirs at the nearby shop there. After that we went home for about 4 p.m. It was a memorable experience for me and my family.

Analyze the social function of the text

The social function of the text is to retell the writer’s trip to Pangandaran Beach.

Analyze the generic structure of the text.
  1. Orientation
  2. Sequence of Events
  3. Re-orientation
Kunci Jawaban Keterampilan

Arrange the jumbled words into good sentences.
  1. My sister gave me some money last night.
  2. Yoga passed the exam yesterday.
  3. My family and I went to the beach two weeks ago.
  4. We looked for a place to take a rest.
  5. I met them at the market last week.



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