A Study of Bilingual Language Served in Classroom Interactions

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A.The Background of the Study

    Bilingual languages has an active role in cognitive students. Every students was expected to have the ability and expertise in English so that students become competent in his era. English was very influential on the development of the world because its role as an international language. Students as the younger generation, were required to have international language skills to create students to be more competitive.According to Santoso & Ginting (2015 )one way that could be taken by the school wasby implementing a bilingual education system. This could be greatly helped the school to make students able to speak English well. Students could be improve and obtain English as a foreign language so as not to be left behind by the times and technology.Could be seen that, one of the most influential ways was the education program of an international curriculum or bilingual education, which was education where the teaching and learning activities was very beneficial for the development of students.

    According to Brisk (2006) states that schools with the method of using two languages were schools that were seen as high quality schools because they were applying the bilingual education program. Thus, the teaching and learning process in the classroom must use two languages in each delivery of teaching material. There were already several national and international schools in Indonesia that applied two languages at once in the learning process. In thisprogram students were required to familiarize themselves in learning the two languages in the school environment, especially schools that applied the bilingual. In the program of the bilingual language the school focused on one type of bilingual namely Full- English. Full English means as there was no any other language excepted english in teaching and learning procces. Therefore, this program greatly facilitates students actively and productively by presenting competent teachers. Not only competent teachers, the bilingual program must continue to be applied continuously not only at the beginning, one of the most important things was facilities that must supported and educators who has English-language skills and were able to arrage classes well.

    However, the obstacles faced during the teaching and learning process included of the problems were a few students who were unable to speak English due to a number of lacks of interestedin learning the foreign language, lack of self-training,and limited vocabulary and parents who rely too much on schools to make their children able to speak english well.Which affects students’ understanding towards materials taught by teachers (2017).This was very regrettable if left uninterrupted, because it could be ensured that the bilingual language program couldn’t run in accordance with what was expected due to students' ignorance of the language. This was very regrettable if allowed to continue to be able to make students increasingly left behind by the era of globalization and advancement in english based on technology. In accordance with the explanation above, the researcher eager to conducted a researchon “A Study of Bilingual Language Served In Classroom Interactions In SMP"

B. The Identification of the Problem

The study in this research were identified as follows :

1. Less ability of students to communicate in English

2. Does not have a lot of vocabulary

C. Scope and Limitation of The Study

   This research focused on bilingual language programs and limits on school and using several types of bilingual, such as Full English, Dominanat English, Balanced Bilingual, Code Mixing Bilingual and Full Indonesian in the school. This research focused on Full English types in eight grade

D. The Formulation of the Study

   The study of this research were formulated as follows :

1.What types of bilingual languages were implemented in teaching and learning process ?

2. How were the types of bilingual language realized in teaching English and learning in ? Klik to Download



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