Types of Demonstration Method

Types of Demonstration Method

The Types of Demonstration Method has been propounded by Chikuni (2003) that, there are two types of demonstrations, namely the step by step and the whole process demonstration.

1.         The step by step demonstration

The step by step demonstration is done stage by stage with teacher explaining each action as the operation proceeds. The step by step demonstration takes place when the process is presented in stages that are inter-spaced by learner’s participation. For example, when making a shirt, the teacher  demonstrates  how  to  attach  a  patch  pocket  and  pupils  work  on  their  shirts  individually, after the demonstration. The teacher will then demonstrate how to  work  the  seams  and  pupils  follow  suit  until  all the processes  are  completed.

2.         The whole process demonstration

In the whole process demonstration, the teacher demonstrates the full process from the beginning to the end without interruption by learner’s participation. For instance,  the  teacher  shows  how  to  tack  the  dart,  stitch  it,  and  fasten  the  thread  and  pressing  the  dart  to  the correct  side.  The  pupils  will  then  follow  the  process  by  making  their  darts.  The whole process demonstration enables the pupils to have a clear view of the process.


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