Research Instrument (Observation, Test and Documentation)

Research Instrument (Observation, Test and Documentation).

There are 2 variable on this research there are The Brainstorming of the independent variable is used to improve the speaking skill. The dependent variable is the students speaking skill in addition Creswell, W john (2003: 17) Researchers collect data on an instrument or test (e.g., a set of  questions about attitudes toward self-esteem) or gather information on a behavioral checklist (e.g., where researchers observe a worker engaged in using a complex skill)

The next step is to choose the technique of data collection that will be used. The  technique  of  collecting  data  is  the  way  the  researcher  do  for  collecting  the data  in  the  research.  In  this  research,  the  researcher  uses  some  techniques  in collecting data. In  this  research,  the  researcher  uses some  techniques,  those are interview and observation.  All  of  the  data are collected  in  the  form  of  word arrangement.

1.      Observation

Based on Zohrabi, M (2013: 257) Observation is a preplanned research tool which is carried out purposefully to serve research questions and objectives. In other words Observation is a way of collecting data by conducting direct observation of an object  in  a  given  period  and  held  a  systematic  recording  of  certain  things observed. Number of periods of observation that needs to be done and the length of  time  at  each  observation  period  depends  on  the  type  of  data  collected.

The ways to doing observation were: (1) the researcher prepared the materials to  conduct  the  observation  such  as:  paper,  pen  and  camera.  (2)  The  researcher joined  in  the  classroom,  (3) the  researcher  observed teacher’s  strategies  in teaching  pronunciation.  This  method  is  used  to  get  any  information about the homophone game in teaching pronunciation in at the Second Years of SMP . In  this  case,  The  researcher  observed  whatever  done  by  the  English  teacher related to the homophone game in teaching pronunciation in the classroom.

2.      Test

Barkman, J. Susan (2002: 12) Tests are generally used for knowledge-based questions. Knowledge-based questions offer choices such as correct vs. incorrect or accurate vs. inaccurate.  They may ask respondents what they believe is true or factual, or about awareness.

Barkman also divides test in  pre and post-test. The test, survey, questionnaire, or observation is conducted both before and after the program. The two scores are then compared indicating whether there is a change in the participants’ knowledge, attitudes, skills, and/or behavior.

In collecting the data, the researcher use an oral production test. The test consists of pre-test and post test. The pre-test is given before the treatment to know the students’ prior knowledge in speaking skills. The post test is aimed to find out the students achievements in speaking after treatment. To recover the test, the researcher also takes documentation in learning process.

3.      Documentation

Based on DRDP (2015: 6) Documentation including samples of children’s work, photographs, and video/audio recordings of children’s communication and behavior. Therefore, documentation method is a technique of collecting data that is indirectly given to research subject. In this case, by using instrument that is document where can be seen in the teachers’ lesson plan and teachers’ material used in teaching. In this research the researcher will use photographs, and video/audio recordings


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