A.  Background of the Problem

There are four skills that must be mastered in teaching learning English, there are listening, writing, reading, and speaking. The most important one of them is speaking. Teaching English speaking is the process of giving the English lesson, from the teacher to the students based on the material from the syllabus of the certain school, in order that the students are able to absorb it and they will be able to communicate by using English orally. All those skills are support by some components such as vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, fluency, and comprehension.

Based on Alonso (2013: 147) in the field of teaching second languages, speaking is a demanding skill, with phenomena such as vowel reduction and elision making the production of good spoken language difficult. The elements such as slang and idioms render speaking a difficult skill to acquire, not to mention stress, rhythm and intonation. In further difficulty the teacher may explain a rule in the L2, the learners will often not actually put it into practice to any great extent

According to the information from the English teachers in students of SMA , the problems are such as the new curriculum, it makes an old teacher difficult to follow it. In addition, the students also want to show to the other student in the school or members of their family that they can speak some English. For this reason, teacher must use creative teaching methods that support students to take part actively in the class. The teaching learning processes have to involve not only teacher and students, but also the students and students.

To help the students solve those problems, the teacher shall motivate them and create the most effective way to stimulate them, so they will interest in practicing their speaking. On other hand, the teacher shall use certain technique to stimulate students to practice their speaking, because good strategy will support them in achieving skill including English skill. Teacher have to teach the material by using good method, good technique and organize teaching-learning process as good as possible, so teaching-learning process can run well.

There are many techniques to make a fun activity in teaching speaking in the classroom they are role play, guessing game, debate, problem solving, etc. In this research, the researcher focuses on the problem solving technique. The reason for problem solving technique is the students will be more anthuism speak English. Problem solving technique use real world problems as something students need to learn to train and improve the ability to think critically and solve the problems.

Based on Gok and Silay (2010: 7) One of the fundamental achievements of education is to enable students to use their knowledge in problem solving, problem solving refers to the effort needed in achieving a goal or finding a solution when no automatic solution is available.

 Based on the problem above, the researcher formulates an experimental research entitled “Engaging the Students’ Speaking Ability through Problem Solving Technique (An Experimental Research at the Tenth Grade Students of SMA )”

B.  Research Problem

Based on the backgrounds discussed above, the researcher underlines the problems as follow:

1.      How is the using of Problem Solving Technique to the speaking ability at the tenth grade students of SMA ?

2.      How is the effect of Problem Solving Technique to the speaking ability at the tenth grade students of SMA ?

C.  Limitation of the Research

This research conducts at the tenth grade students of SMA . The population of this research is the ninth grade students in tenth grade students of SMA . There are one class that become the subject of this research. It focuses on expressing meanings in a transactional and interpersonal dialogue in the context of daily life.

D.  Objective of the Research

The objectives of the research can be state as relate with the research problems. Therefore the objectives of the research are as follows:

1.      To find out the using of Problem Solving Technique to the speaking ability at the tenth grade students of SMA.

2.      To find out the effect of Problem Solving Technique to the speaking ability at the tenth grade students of SMA .

E.  Advantages of the Research

This research is formulated as an effort of finding some uses. The uses of this research are:

1.      The result of the research can contribute useful information for the future classroom research with the similar problem of speaking skill improvement.

2.      For the researcher this research can contribute the researcher to help to find out the best method for teaching speaking.

3.      For the students this research can add the students’ interest in English learning, so it can help them to speak and learn English.


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