The Importance of Problem Solving Technique

The Importance of Problem Solving Technique

According to Carr (2007: 23) Higher order thinking skills, such as summarising, analysing and making inferences and deductions, are developed through problem solving. Tasks such as observation, collating and evaluating evidence and identifying essential information help students to make informed judgements. Discovery learning most notably takes place in prob-lem solving situations where the learner draws on his/her own experience and priorknowledge to discover the truths that are to be learned.

Goldstein (2012: 2) Problem solving is a great way to apply language skills, When students examine a difficult situation in order to identify both the problem and a meaningful solution, they are learning skills that will serve them well in the workplace, in their communities, at home with their families, and in their daily lives.

(2014: 14) Students  who  use these strategies may eventually solve the problems, but this problem-solving activity requires so much of their working memory capacity that no resources are left for learning, that is, acquiring the knowledge needed to solve  similar  problems  in  the  future

Based on DeWitt, Alias and Siraj (2014: 4) there are several strategies for promoting critical thinking skills. Questioning can be used by teachers to engage students with the lesson, as well as to stimulate critical thinking, in questioning, debates involves argumentation and reasoning, and can develop problem solving skills. Feedback given to monitor students’ progress during problem solving also assists students in developing problem solving skills.


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