The Advantages of Reciprocal Teaching Strategy

The Advantages of Reciprocal Teaching Strategy

Petty G point out the advantages of Reciprocal Teaching Strategy that use by the students in reading skill as follows

a.       Reciprocal Teaching particularly useful for learning difficult material, and for helping weak students.

b.      Reciprocal teaching provides a vivid insight into the nature of effective learning

c.       The effect size of Reciprocal Teaching is not just for improved understanding of the content they studied. It is for comprehension  skill generally.

d.      Reciprocal Teaching makes the very high effect size all the more remarkable.

e.       The students who received reciprocal teaching improved in their ability to comprehend, summarize, and ask pertinent questions

f.       Reciprocal Teaching proved time stable, and, what is more, their improved skills transferred to situations where the learners were not required to use the speciļ¬c comprehension techniques they had been taught. These improved comprehension skills seem to have been integrated into their everyday reading and listening practice.


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