The Procedure of Problem Solving Technique

The Procedure of Problem Solving Technique

Kirkley (2013: 3) point out the basic sequence of three cognitive activities in problem solving:

a.       Representing the problem includes calling up the appropriate context knowledge, and identifying the goal and the relevant starting conditions for the problem.

b.      Solution search includes refining the goal and developing a plan of action to reach the goal.

c.       Implementing the Solution includes executing the plan of action and evaluating the results.

In addition Gok and Silay (2010: 8) defines four steps problem solving strategy. The first step there are

a.       Description, by identifying the unknown, the data, and the condition, and then drawing a figure and introducing suitable notation. For example lists clearly the given and wanted information. Draw a diagram of the situation

b.      Planning, in which the solver seeks a connection between the data and the unknown. If an immediate connection is not found, the solver considers related problems or problems that have already been solved, and uses this information to devise a plan to reach the unknown. For example selects the basic relations suitable for solving the problem and outline how they are to be used

c.       Implementation, the steps outlined in part two are carried out, and each step is checked for correctness. For example performs the preceding plan by doing all necessary calculations

d.      Checking, the problem solution is examined, and arguments are checked or checks that each of the preceding steps was valid and that the final answer makes sense


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