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 A. Background of the Research

Language is one of the most important things in our life. Language is a means of communication in society. Language as a tool of communication is used among human beings in order to establish social relationship. By using language, they can interact with others through language in both written and spoken. Language can be regarded as human criterion, because only human being can speak language. It is also as a system of vocal conventional signs characteristics of the interaction of one or more communities of human beings.[1]

English has important role in communication among various parts of the world. English is used as means of international communication. On the other hand, English has a function as a tool to access information in the daily life, to maintain an interpersonal relationship, to exchange the information, and to learn culture in English.

Teaching English as foreign language is introduced in curriculum of Indonesian school. It is taught in Elementary school (SD), Junior High School (SMP), Senior High School (SMA), and University. Learning English in the school, especially in t’he Junior High School is one of the subjects in the curriculum that students have to learn because it has important role and as a measurement of students’ graduation in National Examination. Indonesian government always improves education in order have equal level with the world education standard such as chancing the curriculum and introducing new approaches (methods) of teaching to the English teacher based on the KTSP (Lever Curriculum of Education Unit).

Teaching is an activity to guide and facilitate the learning process, to enable the learners, and to set the conditions for learning.[2] Learning and teaching English is not easy, because it is not our mother tongue and has many differences are about grammar, phonology, spelling, and vocabulary. Learning English involves the mastery of four language skills. There are reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Beside of that, there are other materials in English, such as vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar.

Grammar is important part to study, grammatical competence is concerned with communicative competence. Grammar may be roughly defined as the way a language manipulates and combines words in order to form longer unit of meaning. Grammar has function to create good and understable sentences. One of the best ways of reinforce grammar is taught by using game. The difficulties of learning English are mainly caused by the grammatical systems which are different from Indonesian language. In this case, the researcher wants to be emphasizing in teaching learning process on grammar, especially past verb in tenses.

Hotben D. Lingga states that “Tense is verb from which determine time and situation of action and happen for this time, previous, and future time.[3]” From the definition above, the researcher concludes that each word from must be mastered in order to distinguish the verb form based on their speech purpose. Past tense is used to indicate past activities.

Moreover in learning grammar, especially changing verb form from present to past in tenses, learners are still confused how to use the verb and change the verbs from present form to past form. It seems to be clear that teaching grammar is difficult and boring for the learners. The researcher’s consideration in carrying out the research is based on the view that grammar is an essential component of language. So, it is important to find and apply a method to teach it effectively.

Actually, this verse can be put in language teaching context which states that learning grammar is important. “A goodly word” can be inferred by producing the language accurately and appropriately. The place of grammar is considered as functional factors; parable with the root of the tree, which is trimly fixed in the ground it means that are should prose’s the basic knowledge of grammar in order to be able to communicate grammatically. As a part of language skills, speaking is considered as the most presenting what we want to, expressing our ideas or thought spontaneously for instance. This means that speaking is regarded as the important skill that should be mastered by students.

In teaching process, teacher play more important role. They should be creative to select teaching media and techniques to get students’ interest and motivation in English learning. The teacher are demanded to choose the appropriate ones to make class fresh and interest for students. Teacher can use methods and teaching aids in teaching grammar to design an interesting and highly effective teaching. The usage of teaching aids in learning process can provoke interesting, motivation, and learning stimulus even give psychology effect to the learners.

There are many media, which can help the teacher to make the students attracted to follow the lesson for example using game. The teachers’ creativity in teaching past verb using game can make the students will not be bored and learn English with full of motivation. Using game will also increase the probability that students learn more and the knowledge will retain better in mind. One of game to teach past verb is using four in row verb game.

Based on the background of the study above, the researcher wants to improve the teaching learning process to teach past verb using Four in Row Verb Game. The use of Four in Row Verb Game in teaching verb may help in teaching when the teacher realize the students’ weakness in understanding the language, especially in mastering English verb. It is expected to improve student’s mastery of past verb.

B. Reasons for choosing the topic

The researcher chooses the topic, because of the following reasons such as:

1. Grammar is one of important components in English.

2. The researcher wants to know the students’ mastery of past verb especially in oral use.

3. Teaching past verb needs media to make the lesson better. Four in Row Verb Game may be a medium to facilitate students’ understanding on Past Tense.

 C. Research Question

How is the effectiveness of Four in Row Verb Game in teaching past verbs at 8th Grade of SMP ?

D. Objective of the study

To identify the effectiveness of Four in Row Verb Game in teaching past verbs at 8th Grade of SMP

E. Pedagogical Significance

This study of using Four in Row Verb Game is important for:

1. Students.

The students will develop their speaking skill. Four in Row Verb Game can help them to improve their memory in studying past verb.

2. Teacher.

The result of this study will be kind of reflection for teacher who frequently use monotonous media in teaching learning activity. So, using Four in Row Verb Game can be an alternative media to support teaching learning activity in past verb.

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[2] Brown H. Douglas. Principles of Language Learning and Teaching. (New York : Pearson). 2nd, P.7

[3] Hotben D. Lingga. Intisari Tata Bahasa Inggris Kontemporer. (Jakarta: Kesaint Blanc, 2005, p. 428)


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